Date: 18.04.2024
Author: Karen Healy
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How Much Does Engineered Hardwood Flooring Cost? 

Although solid wood has been the go-to choice of flooring material for many years, the many benefits of engineered wood flooring make it a fantastic, more affordable option. In addition to being an environmentally friendly product, engineered wood is incredibly durable, making it a better long-term investment than other types of wood flooring


At Wood Flooring Ireland, we specialise in engineered wood flooring, and we guarantee superior quality at reasonable prices.  Let us explain the average cost of engineered hardwood flooring in comparison to the cost of our hardwood flooring, so you can make an informed choice for your home upgrade. 


The Cost of Engineered Hardwood

Generally, the cost of good quality engineered hardwood flooring can be anywhere upwards of €100 per square metre. And if you’re renovating larger rooms like your kitchen or living room, this can add up and put a significant dent in your budget. 

But what if you could have first-rate engineered wood that is also budget-friendly? Wood Flooring Ireland products are just that; affordable and premium quality. 


Long Plank Wood Flooring Price

Now, If you’re planning on resurfacing a contemporary interior, long plank wood flooring is the ideal option. A perfect complement to open-plan living, long planks are ideal if you’re searching for flooring that will open up a space and give the illusion of additional square footage.

Long planks are one of the more versatile flooring options available. Unlike traditional hardwood planks, engineered wood planks can be combined with underfloor heating systems. One of the main advantages of engineered wood flooring is its superior stability, meaning there’s no danger of planks becoming warped when exposed to high temperatures and moisture.

Our engineered plank flooring comes in a range of sizes and styles and is made from high-quality European oak, meaning there’s no shortage of stunning grain accents that will breathe plenty of personality into your interiors. 

And the prices for our long plank wood flooring start at just €39.95, making our wood flooring a cost-effective choice for any space!


Chevron Flooring Price 

Interested in adding more character to your interiors? Chevron flooring is the way to go. This style of flooring has been around for hundreds of years, becoming particularly popular in the 17th century. Today, you’ll find Chevron flooring just about everywhere, from sprawling palaces to semi-detached family properties. 

With Chevron flooring, you’re also not limited by the size of your rooms. We offer bespoke Chevron flooring in a range of thicknesses and widths, making it an ideal choice for just about any interior. 

Prices for our Chevron flooring start at an extremely affordable rate of €66.95, so if you’re planning on upgrading your outdated flooring, Chevron flooring is definitely one to consider. 


Herringbone Flooring Price

Synonymous with luxury, herringbone flooring has been around for centuries and remains a favourite with those looking for premium parquet design. This style of flooring is particularly effective at showcasing the diverse accents of natural oak and adds real depth to your rooms. Although rich in character, herringbone flooring is also incredibly versatile. It can complement classic decors but coordinates equally well with more modern interior design!

We offer a wide variety of colour options, ranging from more subtle hues for lighter spaces to darker shades for when you want to create more of an impact.

The cost of herringbone engineered wood flooring can be competitive, but with our prices starting at just €49.95, you get a budget-friendly solution for any size room!


Engineered Wood Flooring Cost Calculator

Know the size of your room? Use our calculator within each of our products to find the exact cost of the engineered flooring needed for your space!


Not sure how to measure the size of your room? Read our measuring guide to find out!


Invest in Affordable,  Premium Quality Engineered Wood Flooring Today!

Now that you know how much engineered wood flooring costs, are you interested in taking the next steps? Wood Flooring Ireland is here to help. We’re committed to producing bespoke flooring that adds depth and character to every home. Our engineered wood flooring is made from the finest European Oak, guaranteed to give the most breath-taking grains and rustic character. 

Browse our selection, order your free samples and visualise your room today! 


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