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When it comes to wood flooring there is a plethora of options to choose from, each one with unique characteristics best suited to different situations. Long plank flooring is one option that is typically used in contemporary designs. Long plank flooring gives a sense of space, of expanse, and can really open up an area, making it particularly effective in larger rooms. There is a simplicity to this style of wood flooring that is as satisfying as it is aesthetically pleasing, and few styles can show off the natural characteristics of the wood quite as well as long plank flooring. It is that simplicity that can often give long plank wood flooring an “old world” feel, making it just as suitable for period restorations, country homes, and prestige builds as it is for the aforementioned contemporary projects. Long planks come in a variety of widths and thicknesses to suit your needs, and are engineered for durability.

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Our engineered oak planks are made using a base of the highest quality waterproof birch plywood from the Baltic Region. On top of this foundation is a 4 or 6mm layer of solid oak, ensuring an authentic hard wood look and feel. The two layers are cold pressed together to ensure maximum stability and resistance. These engineered planks are hard-wearing and suitable for underfloor heating systems.


In addition to the undeniable element of charm that a long plank floor adds to your home, workplace, or public space, this style of wood flooring is tried and tested. It is simple to maintain, elegant, and can be simultaneously contemporary and nostalgic at the same time. This is a versatile wood flooring that is as long lasting as it is beautiful.

long plank wood flooring

Old World Feel, Modern Technology

In times gone by flooring would often be a simple long plank affair by necessity. Rustic and stately homes alike would sport long plank flooring as it was the only practical option available to them. These days you can attain that old world feel with all the advantages of modern technology. Longer lasting, suitable for underfloor heating, and comfortable underfoot. The best of both worlds.

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Wood Flooring Ireland is a family-owned flooring company with wide range of colours, plank sizes, and styles on offer. Plank, Herringbone, Chevron, Versailles, all made on site to suit your individual needs and tastes, there are over 400 engineered wood products to choose from. Highly trained staff are available to help you pick out your wide and long plank flooring and ensure you get the right system and design for your needs.




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What’s the Difference Between Wide and Narrow Plank Flooring?
The obvious difference, of course, is that wide plank flooring is, well, wider. But beyond that, there is a very different feel from wide planks. It is a more simplistic look, and as a result, a cleaner look. It is ideal for larger spaces with a lot of exposed floor space. What qualifies as “wide” can differ from supplier to supplier, however.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?
Engineered wood flooring is a composite product that makes use of two materials to make the planks. At the base of our planks is the highest quality Birch plywood from the Baltic Region. This base is then attached to a lustrous top layer of another material. We source the best European Oak from European forests to ensure a stunning finish. They are then glued together with a cold pressing technique for durability. The end result is a product that is more stable against temperature and moisture variations than a solid wood alternative.

Why Not Call In?
If you’re thinking of a new wide or long plank wood flooring, why not call in to our showroom and factory and speak to an expert member of staff about your needs. Choose a colour from our vast range of unique options, pick out a design that bests suits your space, and get the ball rolling. All our orders come with a free cleaning kit so you can get the most out of your wide or long plank wood flooring for a long time to come.


you can make an appointment to speak with one of our experts

As a family run business, we understand the importance of dealing face to face. If you would like to come visit our showroom and factory to get a better feel for what we do, or simply see some of our beautiful wood flooring in person, you would be most welcome. We are based in Cork. Alternatively you can make an appointment to speak with one of our experts. 

Our lead times are typically around 6 weeks from time of order to arrival in your home.  All our flooring, be it plank, herringbone, chevron, Versailles, in any of our 800+ colours, comes with a free cleaning kit, perfect for keeping your beautiful new floor in top shape, and increasing the life of it in the process.



At Wood Flooring Ireland, we pride ourselves on creating exquisite bespoke handmade wood flooring.


Wood Flooring Ireland, we would be happy to hear from you!

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