When it comes to luxury wood flooring, few patterns spring to mind as easily as herringbone flooring. The recognisable parquet design can trace its origins back hundreds of years, and with good reason. Herringbone flooring gives a room a feeling of luxury; a sense of space and quality that only wood flooring can achieve. Our engineered wood flooring is finished using methods to ensure the finished product is resistant and stable in the face of everyday wear and tear for years to come. 

We create our own colours, with over 800 to select from, and all production takes place in-house, allowing us to provide a truly unique and personalised floor to suit you and your home. We source the best European Oak—the result of years of intensive research—from the best European forests, periodically visiting the factories to ensure we continue to get the highest standards of wood.



We produce our own flooring in house, which gives us (and, of course, you) complete control over the finished product. You can choose from a huge selection of colours, design, plank size, and even request a mixture of styles. Combine your herringbone flooring with Chevron or Versailles panels to give your floor a more interesting look.


Our wood is sourced through a heavily scrutinised supply chain that reaches all the way to the forest from which they come. Wood is inspected in the forests they come from, ensuring only the highest quality wood even gets into the sawmill. Where some of our competitors don’t even know where their materials come from, we regularly visit the factories to ensure that the wood we use continues to meet our rigorous standards.

Herringbone flooring would be an asset to your home. It’s a simple, classic design that enriches your surroundings and adds space and depth to your life. But are you aware that there are two very different types of bespoke, handmade herringbone flooring available?

Herringbone Flooring

Attention to Detail

From rustic grade wood with its authentic appearance, knots and all, to our smooth select grade, we engineer our planks using the highest quality birch plywood from the Baltic region. This is then combined with 4-6mm of solid oak for a stunning finish. Our planks are glued using cold pressing, ensuring that they have the quality you would expect from a luxury wooden floor.



Our selection of over 800 colours is not just a very large range, it is also unique to us. We create our colours ourselves, using formulas and processes known only to the Wood Flooring Ireland family. If we don’t have the exact colour you desire for your herringbone flooring, we will try and create it for you, giving you something truly unique for your home in the process.

Herringbone Flooring
Herringbone Floors
Herringbone timber flooring
Herringbone floors dublin
Herringbone Colour choice


Herringbone flooring would be an asset to your home. It’s a simple, classic design that enriches your surroundings and adds space and depth to your life.

We have two types of bespoke and handmade wood flooring available at Wood Flooring Ireland. Solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring. These two types of flooring can achieve exactly the same effect, at least from a visual point of view. When you see your new beautiful, herringbone flooring design in beautiful, rich oak with the tone of your own choice, you will probably find it difficult to tell the difference.


Solid timber wooden flooring is made from solid planks of wood. A solid oak floor is made of solid planks of oak. If you’re going for a herringbone design solid wooden floor, your solid oak herringbone planks will be seen on the surface. Underneath, they will be supported by solid oak. Solid oak is what you want and solid oak is what you will get. Nothing more and nothing less. Or if any other wood of your preference is available, your solid wood flooring can be of that type too. But we, at Wood Flooring Ireland, as a general rule, produce our solid wood flooring from the finest European oak. That’s our promise of quality to our valued customers.

Solid wooden flooring has been a popular choice with homeowners for centuries. The reason for that is because it is both attractive and long-lasting. A good solid wood floor can last for up to 100 years. It adds to the healthy atmosphere of a home as it doesn’t trap dust. It’s the best type of floor for allergy sufferers. Also, the acoustics of a house with properly-installed solid wood flooring is better. There are no vibrations or hollow sounds. It makes a house seem warm and homely.


As mentioned, an engineered wood floor can look exactly like a solid wooden floor. But there are distinct differences between the two. The construction of the two types of flooring is very different. While a solid wood floor consists of the same wood throughout, engineered wood flooring consists of a thin top layer of the wood. This is the layer that is seen on the floor surface. This layer is supported underneath by several layers of top-quality plywood. Although an engineered wood floor can be made to look exactly the same as a solid wooden floor, there is a considerable difference in the price of the two. The engineered wooden floor is a lot less expensive.

Apart from the expense, there are some interesting advantages of an engineered wood floor and the cost is only one of those. Here in Ireland, there are some things we have to bear in mind when making long-term decisions. Especially when we’re building the home of our dreams. It is good to remember that Irish family life can be very tough on floors. Keeping an immaculate home is the dream of everyone who loves their house, but our children and pets make that difficult. Engineered wood flooring is much easier to maintain in this respect.

Don’t forget how common it is to have underfloor heating in Ireland too. Engineered wood flooring is more resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity than solid wood flooring. This means your beautiful, herringbone design, bespoke, handmade engineered wooden flooring will complement that underfloor heating beautifully.

It’s a fact that wooden floors can be damaged by water. Water spillage, especially in bathrooms, can do tremendous damage to solid wooden floors. Engineered wood flooring is easier to repair if damage occurs, as the top layer can be sanded and re-finished if necessary.


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What’s the difference between herringbone and parquet?
Parquet is a style of wood flooring, different from plank wood flooring. It would make more sense to ask what the difference between herringbone and chevron flooring is, as they are both styles of Parquet wood flooring. Herringbone flooring can be engineered or solid wood flooring.

Why is it called Herringbone?
Quite simply, the name “herringbone” stems from its visual similarity to the bones of a fish. Particularly herring, in this case. The zigzag pattern that is characteristic of herringbone flooring is seen in many other walks of life, such as brickwork, tiling, and even the weave of fabric. It is very similar yet distinguishable to chevron pattern flooring.

Which way do you lay a herringbone pattern?
There is more than one way to lay herringbone flooring. Traditionally, you would create a zigzag pattern by laying the wood at 45 degree angles to each other. It is also common to arrange the design into square modules, creating a more rectangular effect, and thus making it more distinctive from chevron flooring.


you can make an appointment to speak with one of our experts

As a family run business, we understand the importance of dealing face to face. If you would like to come visit our showroom and factory to get a better feel for what we do, or simply see some of our beautiful wood flooring in person, you would be most welcome. We are located in Cork but to Dublin and nationwide. Alternatively you can make an appointment to speak with one of our experts. 

Our lead times are typically around 6 weeks from time of order to arrival in your home.  All our flooring, be it plank, herringbone, chevron, Versailles, in any of our 800+ colours, comes with a free cleaning kit, perfect for keeping your beautiful new floor in top shape, and increasing the life of it in the process.



At Wood Flooring Ireland, we pride ourselves on creating exquisite bespoke handmade wood flooring.

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