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The floors of your home are an art space and one of the first features people notice when they visit your home. You can change the aesthetic and ambiance of an entire room just by changing the floor. At Wood Flooring Ireland, we pride ourselves on creating exquisite bespoke handmade quality wood flooring. Our wood flooring Dublin experts believe that every floor should be as unique as the person choosing it. Whether you are looking for just the right herringbone flooring or leaning towards a chevron design, we will make sure you find the perfect finish for your tastes.

Our Wood Flooring journey from forest to floor focuses on exceptional quality at every stage of development, so we source our famous European Oak from only the best forests and then leave it in the hands of only the most talented craftsmen. We offer a wide variety of gradients and finishes so that every timber floor we create speaks to the heart of the person who envisioned the design.

We pay attention to every tiny detail so that we can match your dreams to reality.

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wood flooring Dublin

Wooden Floors Dublin Start with a Dream.

We bring our engineered flooring to life one small step at a time. We customise everything, from the design of your herringbone to the colour of your chevron flooring. At our Dublin wood flooring showroom, you will find just the colour, shade and depth to perfectly suit your décor. A beautifully coordinated home is an impressive home.
Your vision of the perfect flooring for your home is the most important part of your adventure because this is where you sketch out the details of your grandest decorating ambitions. We are different to other service providers—instead of showing you a list of options and expecting you to settle, we start with your dream and then find a way to turn it into a reality.




The timeless simplicity of the traditional plank aesthetic is every bit as exceptional as its always been.
Plank sizes: x140, x180, x220, x260


Chevron is finding its way into all the decor magazines for a reason: It has just the right blend of sophistication.
Chevron sizes: 100×500 / 120×580


Herringbone flooring is like chevron’s younger sibling, adding a touch of youth to a rustic aesthetic.
HB sizes: 100×500 / 120×580


Versailles panel floors are very elegant. This layout graduates’ shades to achieve a translucent look.
Hand finished: 800 x 800

Wood Flooring Ireland- Dublin Showroom


You can choose from three European Oak grades. ‘Rustic Grade’ wood is packed full of character. It has rugged knots perfect for distressed aesthetics. ‘Nature Grade’ has fewer knots, and if you prefer a sleek, slick look, ‘Select Grade’ brings you knot-free wood from the tree’s deepest surfaces. From there, you can choose from the widest selection of surfaces available on the Irish market.

wood flooring Dublin

Dublin Wooden Floors Traced from Forest to Floor

Our hunt for the best wooden floors in both South Dublin and North Dublin starts at the forest floor. Uniform growth achieves an even grain, so we source only the finest trees. Our skilled craftsmen help our wood to become a truly bespoke product. We regularly inspect the factories of our European suppliers to ensure the utmost quality. Finally, when that timber moves from shelf to home, we play a key role in the creation process. We offer the best engineered wood flooring Dublin has to offer.


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Our Wood Treatments are Exceptional

Wood flooring needs to be loved into becoming its best self, so we choose treatments that nurture and protect. We prefer UV oil, but we can also treat the wood with hard wax oil, natural oil, lacquers, and liming. For unique and different looks, we also do torching, bleaching, and smoking. Our treatments are free of volatile compounds and formaldehyde, so there is no safer way to source wooden floors in Dublin.

Unique Crafting Of Parquet Flooring

As a premium supplier, our parquet flooring is crafted in a special way. You will choose your preferred grade, then we will order just the right raw European oak for your preferences. We will brush it to achieve the unique, bespoke style you’re hoping to achieve. This helps the wood to accept its treatment, so it is a key way to ensure that your wood lasts as long as your home. If you are aiming for that rustic, distressed look, heavy brushing will achieve it. You can choose from a palate of hundreds of colours before we put the finishing touches onto your floor. Then our quality specialists will check that the details are up to scratch before we install the floors in your home.

Visit Our Dublin Showroom

We have a Dublin showroom for those who prefer to shop in a brick and mortar environment. Our friendly team will offer expert advice while you choose the right style and colour for your home. Our average timeline for completion for installation is six – eight weeks from place of order, and we deliver nationwide.



Engineered wood flooring offers the authentic texture and colour of genuine hardwood without the disadvantages. It adds variety to your selection, so whether you’re looking for natural tones, a bleached oak aesthetic, or a bold sienna, you’ll find just the right grain and colour for your needs. Engineered wood can mimic any wooden surface, and you can even sand and refinish your engineered wood next season. Engineered wood flooring is the best option for compatibility with under floor heating.

Colour variance is where engineered wooden floors comes into its own. They can reflect the classic appeal of traditional ochre and chocolate woods, but they can also break out into turquoise or Spanish red. An exotic teak or walnut seduces every eye that is cast its way, unifying your aesthetic and screaming “sophistication”. Grey and black are two of the new decade’s most popular hues. The popularity of colours changes every season, but timeless classics like oak floors or versions of oak will always be on trend. If you are looking for a contemporary edge, we offer grey wood flooring, white wood flooring and all the colours in between. With just the right treatment for your stylistic sensibilities and just the right price for your pocket, Wood Flooring Ireland will achieve the precise style of wood flooring that you are targeting. Creating and developing new colours every week!

Wood responds like a living, breathing organism, drying and corroding with everyday wear and tear. Keep it protected from moisture by mopping up spills as they happen. Keep it clean and fresh looking by using the cleaner we will provide to you. At the front and back doors it would be recommended to use a mat or a mat well.

Laminate flooring looks authentic, but not quite as authentic as engineered alternatives. It’s also prone to warping when exposed to moisture. You can expect your laminate floor to last 15 to 25 years, and if you get tired of your style, you will need a full replacement. In contrast, engineered wood looks identical to authentic wood and can be refinished every 10-15 years for a complete new look.

Hardwood floors add an impressive 3 to 5% to property values, and if you’re looking for a quick, turnaround return on investment, engineered hardwoods are a perfect solution. You can expect to recoup up to 80% of your investment price in the form of an increased home value. Engineered wood is extremely durable, so if you are only looking to sell in a decade or more, they’re a wonderful way to work towards a long-term resale.



At Wood Flooring Ireland, we pride ourselves on creating exquisite bespoke handmade wood flooring.

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