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11 Wood Floor Care Tips You Need To Know

If you’re finding it a challenge to keep your solid wood surfaces looking their best with tried and tested wood floor care tips, it, might be time to invest in an engineered wood alternative. Engineered wood flooring isn’t only more durable than conventional wood flooring, it’s also an environmentally-friendly alternative. 
At Wood Flooring Ireland, we know how important bespoke design is when it comes to resurfacing your interiors. The right choice of flooring can effortlessly transform a tired space. If you’re planning a major renovation and aiming for contemporary aesthetics, engineered wood flooring can help you achieve your dreams. Our extensive range caters to every taste, with everything from traditional oak wood panels to long plank flooring that’s the ideal fit for open-plan living.  
For more than 15 years, we’ve been leading the pack when it comes to premium flooring solutions in Ireland. However, in recent years, we’ve refocused our philosophy to deliver an unbeatable range of engineered wood flooring that scores top marks for sustainability. All our floorings are made from high-quality European Oak that’s sourced from sustainable forests. Furthermore, our commitment to eco-conscious goes beyond raw materials. Our finishes contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC) or formaldehyde, making them better for the environment and healthier addition to your home.  
We strive to provide only the best wood flooring products for our customers. Thanks to a solid plywood core, our engineered wood flooring is more robust than traditional hardwood flooring. If you’re looking for hard-wearing flooring that requires next to no maintenance, engineered wood is the way to go. Meanwhile, the premium layers of bonded veneer mean you don’t have to sacrifice anything when it comes to style and authentic grain accents.

Essential Wood Floor Care Tips

Unsure of how to clean engineered wood floors? Many of the standard wood floor care tips apply to engineered materials. Below, we break down ten of the most important care tips to remember when it comes to keeping your wood flooring in premium condition.

1. The Importance of Daily Cleaning

wood floor care tips

To keep your engineered wood flooring looking its best, make sure you’re sweeping away dust and other debris daily. This is one of the most important wood floor care tips you can adhere to. If you prefer to clean manually, make sure you’re using a soft bristle broom or brush. If you’d rather use a vacuum cleaner, make sure you’re using a suitable attachment that won’t damage the veneer of your engineered wood flooring.

2. Keep on Top of Spills and Moisture

One of the advantages of engineered wood flooring is that it’s particularly resilient against spills and moisture. However, you’ll want to ensure you’re cleaning away spills as soon as they occur. Even the most durable engineered wood flooring can warp if exposed to pools of liquid for long enough. If left unattended for long enough, you run the risk of discolouration or slight warping.

3. Commit to a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Even the most hard-wearing floor requires regular cleaning. How often you undertake a deep clean ultimately depends on how often an interior is used. One of the best wood floor care tips is to plan to undertake a thorough cleaning at least once a week. Areas of the home that experience a lot of footfall, such as hallways and entranceways, may require thorough cleaning.

To get rid of stubborn stains and blemishes, use a specialist cleaning spray that’s suitable for use on hardwood veneers. Looking for more wood floor care tips? It’s a good idea to invest in a high-quality microfibre mop. These cleaning essentials will allow you to cut through grease and grime with ease, without exposing your engineered wood flooring to too much moisture.

4. Cleaning Equipment to Avoid

In an attempt to save time, many people turn to cleaning equipment like steam pops to speed up household chores. While these can be very handy for cleaning laminate flooring and tiled surfaces, they should never be used on wood flooring. The massive amounts of moisture generated from steam mops can penetrate the surface veneer of engineered wood flooring. Over time, this can lead to warping and discoloured finishes.

5. Use the Right Cleaning Agents

Wood floor care tips also apply when selecting suitable cleaning products. Always opt for cleaning products that have been specially formulated for use on wooden floors. Generally speaking, these cleaning products will have a neutral pH level. Avoid anything even slightly acidic as this will damage surfaces. You should also avoid polishes designed for use on wooden furniture. Even if these cleaning supplies are designed for use on wooden surfaces, they can create a slip hazard that can lead to injury.

6. Think About Furniture Placement

Even the most minimalist home needs furniture. Even the sturdiest items will shift in place over time, raising the risk of scratches or scuffs. If your furniture isn’t kitted out with protector pads, it’s worth getting them. Felt protector pads can be attached to furniture legs and the underside of cabinets without causing any damage to the furniture itself.

7. Consider Becoming a Shoes-Off Home

If you want your wood flooring to look its best for as long as possible, think about making your home a shoe-free one. At the very least, make a rule to keep outdoor footwear away from your interiors. Buy some doormats and gravel trays to capture outside debris and moisture from entering your home. You can also furnish your hallway with some stylish footwear storage to ensure everyone is sticking to your shoes-off rule.

8. Protect Exposed Areas from Sunlight

wood floor care tips

Engineered wood flooring is usually treated to protect against UV exposure. However, consider the areas of your home that are exposed to natural light. If a large section of a room is flooded with light, think about incorporating a rug into your floor plan to limit exposure and minimise fading.

9. Keep an Eye on Humidity Levels

If you’ve invested in high-quality engineered wood flooring, you don’t need to worry about humidity when thinking about wood floor care tips. However, it’s worth monitoring humidity levels within your home, especially in rooms that experience significant temperature extremes. Humidity levels of around 50% are ideal.

10. Choose the Right Products When Refinishing Flooring

Premium wood flooring requires little in the way of maintenance. In the case of pre-finished floors, you should avoid using any products whatsoever until your flooring requires significant attention. Unnecessary applications of finishing wax and similar products can cause irreparable damage. 

11. Never Drag Heavy Items Across Wood Flooring

In terms of wood floor care tips, this may seem like an obvious one. Even a modest piece of furniture can cause deep scratches and scuffs when dragged across a floor. Improper handling of heavier items can lead to dents and more significant damage that will be almost impossible to remove. To make life simple, always lift and carry items across rooms, rather than drag them. 

What are the Different Types of Wood Flooring?

What are the different types of wood flooring we have available at Wood Flooring Ireland? We offer an impressive range of engineered wood flooring products that will revitalise any interior. In the mood for something traditional? Our oak wood flooring is perfect for those seeking classic character. Prefer a more modern aesthetic? Our grey wood flooring makes a fine complement to contemporary spaces, while our white wood flooring is the way to go for a stripped-back, minimalist finish.  
Our long plank wood flooring is ideal for those after a versatile option for any room. Plank flooring can be used just about anywhere, from open-plan living areas to compact bedrooms. Our plank flooring comes in a variety of widths and thicknesses, allowing you to tailor your flooring exactly to your requirements. Long planks are particularly effective at giving the illusion of space in smaller spaces, making them a good option for those dealing with limited square footage.  
Prefer something with more character? Chevron flooring might be for you. This style of flooring has been around for hundreds of years and adds instant luxury to any interior. The smallest edges of each panel are cut at a 45-degree angle, resulting in an eye-catching V-shaped pattern when individual panels are properly aligned and installed. When you opt for lighter colours, Chevron flooring can truly open up a space. However, it’s just as impressive when used in smaller spaces that are crying out for some character.  
Herringbone flooring is another timeless style option. Somewhat similar to Chevron flooring, Herringbone flooring is instead cut at a 90-degree angle. When individual panels are aligned and installed, the result is an interlocking zigzag pattern. Herringbone flooring panels come in a wide range of sizes, making them a dynamic choice for any space. If you’re looking for premium parquet flooring that will never go out of style, herringbone flooring is worth considering.  
If you’re after the ultimate in luxury, Versailles panels are ideal. These square-shaped floor tiles originated in 17th-century France. Once the preserve of the Palace of Versailles, they’re not a practical option for the average home. Each tile is made up of several smaller panels of wood that, when arranged, produce a breathtaking interwoven aesthetic. They’re an affordable choice for smaller rooms that require an injection of elegance. However, they can also be used effectively in grander spaces deserving of something truly sophisticated.

Discover Our Engineered Wood Flooring Range Today

If your home is in desperate need of a makeover, it’s high time to think about investing in premium engineered wood flooring. At Wood Flooring Ireland, we specialise in bespoke flooring solutions for every interior. Planning a long-overdue refurbishment of your property? Undertaking a challenging new build project? An engineered wood floor is the perfect finishing touch. Once you’ve decided on a bespoke flooring design that suits your space, you can look forward to unrivalled levels of durability. Furthermore, engineered wood flooring is far easier to install than conventional hardwood floors, helping keep your overall costs down.  
Ready to make your design dreams a reality? Visit our Cork showroom today to uncover our impressive range of wood flooring products in person. Alternatively, you can get in touch via the online contact form or call us on 021 4629913 for a free quote.

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