Wood Floors & Wall Paints – How To Choose

When choosing the best wooden floors for your home, you’ve got to consider how they will interact with the space around them.

Consider your furniture, rugs, doors and most importantly – the paint colour of your room. It’s important to choose the right colour for a room so as to compliment your newly installed engineered wood flooring.

We spoke to interior design experts from around the world and asked them for their top tips when it comes to choosing the right paint colours to pair with your bespoke wood floors –

“The best wall paint colours to pair with the hardwood floors are creamy whites (warm undertones), beiges, taupes, greiges, light browns, and warm grays. This combination will easily blend with each other and not stand out awkwardly. Especially for interior design styles like traditional, transitional, bohemian, French Country, Japandi, and modern farmhouse – this duo is quite good to go” states Nishtha Sadana, Interior Decorator at Decorated Life

The Living Room

“For a monochromatic and modern touch, it’s ideal to choose a tone of beige, gray, or black/white. Else, for a pop of interest, you can add an accent wall with a shade of green, gray, bronze, or blue! I personally love the feel of Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze, Pewter Green, Naval, and Peppercorn!” – Nistha Sadana, Decorated Life

Arguably, the centrepiece of the home where the most time will spent. Creating a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere is paramount. So what do our experts recommend?

“When selecting wall colours for a living area with dark hardwood flooring, white paint is good choice as it gives the living room a contemporary and minimalist look. Gray tiles can be placed on the walls to complement the dark hardwood floor.” – Joe Ferguson, Architectural Joiner at SkirtingRus

“The best colour for the Living Room is a deep shade of blue. This colour will balance well with wood floors by complimentary or contrasting, and thus show off their beauty.” – Kate Diaz, Interior Designer, Swanky Den

As you can see, opinion varies from our experts – If you are someone who wishes to explore the darker route and create  more sombre, muted atmosphere, the deep blues are a totally viable option whereas others can still go down the minimalist, bright route by picking lovely grays and off-whites.

The Kitchen

The heart of the home. If the living room is the centrepiece, the kitchen is the hub, it needs to be inviting and welcoming. You want to encourage socialisation as in this area the entire family comes together to eat, drink, celebrate and commiserate. Capturing the correct vibe is essential.

“Warm colours are best in a kitchen, such as yellow, red, and earthy neutrals. Green can also look beautiful. White has maintained popularity for decades, never really going out of style. It’s perfect for the kitchen because it’s associated with cleanliness. It also reflects the
most amount of light, so it helps your kitchen to feel bigger and more welcoming.”
Andra DelMonico, Lead Interior Designer, Trendey

“If your kitchen floor is a cherry hardwood floor and you are inclined toward a soft shade of green, you can choose a lovely sage hue for your wall colour. It can make your kitchen space look lively and bring a bit of your personality into the kitchen” Joe Ferguson, Architectural Joiner at SkirtingRus

“The kitchen goes well with cooler and darker shades of bright colours like a darker green or yellow.” – Paul Stein, CEO, Trusted House Painter

However there are some experts that think tradition is best when it comes to this special space;

“Classic white in a kitchen is timeless and fresh. Painting the trim in a higher gloss finish adds a touch of glam and depth.” – Kristina Phillips, Interior Designer

All-white kitchens will never go out of style. So, if you’re confused about your design style – its’ best to pick an off-white paint like SW Shoji White or SW Olympus White for the cabinets as well as the backdrop wall. If you like the feel of colours, you must choose a tone of light sage green or baby blue for the cabinets. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Atmospheric play a great role.” – Nistha Sadana, Decorated Life

The Bedrooms

Traditionally in a bedroom an individual may choose to lay a fairly busy or more elaborate flooring pattern, like a herringbone or a Versailles panel. Due to the ornate nature of these patterns it can be quite easy to create a confusing and overly busy feel in the bedroom if you’re not careful, it’s all about balance here.

“As the type of flooring can somerimes define the style of the home. A herringbone floor would look beautiful with a clean colour, like a shade of white or black. Similarly with any patterned or straight plank floor, finishing the walls in a lacquer can add drama and sophistication to a space” – Kristina Phillips, Interior Designer

“The bedroom can be painted to match the bedding in lighter or darker shades but also allowing the colour of the bed to match the floor. This creates a sort of boundary between the colours that don’t conflict.”- Paul Stein, CEO, Trusted House Painter

“The best colours for the bedroom are blue, green, and either light or dark shades of grey. These colours are soothing, helping to create a calming atmosphere. Stay away from mid tone shades of grey, as they tend to look bland and depressing” Andra DelMonico, Lead Interior Designer, Trendey

Home Office

There are now more people than ever before working from home, be it on a fully remote schedule or just a hybrid one. When working away from the office it’s important to create a relaxing, distraction free environment that can stimulate your productivity. Every person is different, so what you choose to do with your home office is up to you. We’ve seen customers lean more towards a more minimalist atmosphere, so recommend a solid long plank wood flooring option which creates a sense of space and expanse.

“Since the study has furniture that often matches the wooden floors, a colour that doesn’t place the attention of the occupants on the walls suits the study. This should be a colour that doesn’t reflect back lightwhen the occupant is reading. The suitable colour is a cool tone of a light colour or subtle shade of a dark colour.” Paul Stein, CEO, Trusted House Painter

“You can paint your office any colour that you want. Choose a colour that creates the type of work atmosphere that is ideal for your productivity.For some, this could be a soothing blue, sophisticated gray, or prosperous green. For others, it’s energizing yellow or orange. Blue is a good colour for stimulating the mind when doing administrative work like accountants and lawyers. Yellow is better for creative types like designers. Red is best for careers that are more physical.” – Andra DelMonico, Lead Interior Designer, Trendey

Whether you’re looking for Chevron style flooring, plank, herringbone or anything in-between, get in touch with our flooring experts at Wood Flooring Ireland. Offering the best engineered wood flooring options on the market today.

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