Wood Floors for Better Living


Every tree in the forest is unique. Every tree has its own story to tell. Every piece of wood flooring we finish, continues this story and turns it into your story.

Everyone wants an opportunity to design their own home and why not your own floor. At Wood Flooring Ireland, we can make that happen for you. Our extensive range of European Oak flooring as well an endless amount of colours and finishes, makes for a truly unique and bespoke floor.

The right floor creates atmosphere as well as ambiance and if you have a vision for your perfect floor, at Wood Flooring Ireland we can make that happen.

We have researched extensively and have sourced the finest wood to bring you the best European Wood on the market. This sawmill is supplied with raw materials from the best European forests. The logs are carefully selected in the mill and guaranteed that only the highest quality oak reaches our production time.

We use Birch Plywood which comes from the Baltic region and it has FSC and CARB2 certification. It is a high-quality plywood with high durability and moisture resistance. Our plywood perfectly conducts heat and can be installed on the underfloor heating system.

Engineered Oak Flooring:

For Engineered Oak planks, a 4 or 6mm top layer of solid oak is used, supported by the highest quality waterproof birch plywood from the Baltic region. In order to achieve great resistance and stability, birch veneer with oak is glued by a way of cold pressing. These planks are suitable for multipurpose spaces, even with underfloor heating systems.

Herringbone Flooring:

A herringbone floor is a true classic. The Herringbone floors feature a rich variety of natural wood patterns and create homely handmade effect. The act as a design feature in its self and completes empty spaces. Herringbone floors are made by especially precise machines, and it results in fast, easy and precise floor installation.

Chevron Flooring:

Chevron pattern used in wood floors first appeared in 17th Century France. This technique became a sign of exceptional luxury. The main difference between Chevron and herringbone patterned floors is called zig zag angle, which means that Herringbone has 90 degrees and chevron 45-50 degrees.

All of our Engineered Real Wood Floors are produced in our facility at Northpoint Business Park , Commons Road , Cork.