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Wood Flooring styles for your home

Engineered wooden floors are amongst the most popular ways to increase home equity, but it’s important you choose a style that will last for years to come. With so many ways to add decorative touches to the home, such as throws or pillows in the bedroom to lighting and artwork, it’s worth considering that installing new engineered wooden floors adds permanence to each room in the house.

If you’re considering installing engineered wooden floors, you should endeavour to find a style that matches the current style of decor or you should aim to create a new style to decorate around. Whether you go at it room by room or want a more continuous trend throughout the home, the great thing about engineered wooden floors is that they’re diverse in colour, texture and species.

Comfort and Durability

A lot of time is spent in the living room entertaining guests and family, so the warm touch of wooden flooring offers a sense of comfort combined with durability to last for years.

Which style works best for the living room? It’s all personal but we recommend long floor planks which are a growing trend and blend well with just about any decor style. Most often, the living room connects to other rooms in the house where you may be going for a similar style. Long planks provide visual continuity, thus allowing you to easily integrate a similar style across multiple rooms.

For a bit of a different statement that is more definitive, a herringbone style is sure to stand out. Again, choose a neutral tone for a safe option, but use warmer colours if you’ve already envisaged decorative elements that will accompany or contrast with the flooring colour.

Chevron for the Kitchen

In many cases, the style you’ve chosen for the living room and corridor should also work well with the kitchen. This maximises the longevity of your flooring and the overall fluidity of your space.

Open-plan kitchens and living spaces, however, should intentionally opt for a contrasting flooring style. Parquet flooringhttps://woodflooringireland.ie/grey-wood-flooring/ and chevron patterns can work well in the kitchen, either on their own or combined with plank flooring in the adjoining rooms.

In the Bathroom

Engineered wooden floors work well in bathrooms, too. Quite well, in fact, due to their superb ability to deal with changes in moisture and temperature by resisting movement. Engineered wood flooring is a growing trend in bathrooms as more people realise the benefits.

In terms of colour and pattern, stick with something neutral and pared back. Monochromatic colour patterns, such as dark flooring and white elsewhere, will almost always work for a modern bathroom, so a dark grey or charcoal floor will look a lot better than the faded sand and stone colours of the past decade.

Wood Flooring Creates Space

Carpets are one of the most common flooring options for most bedrooms since they add warmth and comfort in a place we spend quite a bit of time. The problem with carpets is that they visually create an enclosed space and limit the openness of the bedroom, which is a style that is becoming increasingly popular such as open concept kitchens and living areas.

Engineered wooden flooring does the opposite and has the ability to open up a space whilst providing warmth when combined with a heating system. Wide planks help achieve a sense of largesse as well as make an ideal canvas compatible with everything from more traditional bedrooms to modern, chic styles.

Which options lend themselves well to the bedroom? The sky’s the limit, but lighter colours such as light greys and off-whites can contrast well with decorative elements. Natural wood finishes are also elegant and add warmth as well. Versailles patterns work well with natural wood species and finishes and make a statement as well.

A Touch of Warmth

No matter which style of engineered wooden flooring appeals to you, rest assured that they are the most compatible flooring solution with underfloor heating systems (UFHs). On account of their natural ability to expand and contract with changes in temperature as well as their superior durability, no other flooring solution compares. If you need help on how to clean engineered wood floors, check out our article.

Is Wood any Good?

You bet! Engineered wooden floors look great in just about any home, and they certainly won’t go out of style. Since there’s such a wide selection of colours, textures and species to choose from, the best way to see if it fits in your home is to have a look at our website Wood Flooring Ireland and get in touch with us today.

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