How to Choose the Right Colour for Engineered Wooden Floors

Flooring is the foundation of your home’s interior design since it affects the aesthetics and mood of your home. It would be best to choose your floor colours based on your wall colours, furniture and décor. Apart from deciding the type of flooring, you have to choose a flooring colour that brings out the mood you want. At Wood Flooring Ireland, we handcraft all our bespoke designs at our production facility in Cork. We have the largest selection of colours available and we can produce specific colours to suit your taste.

When choosing a suitable colour for your engineered wooden floors, keep in mind the following factors:

Size of the Room

Everyone wants an open and airy interior space. That is why most people invest in high ceilings and large windows. When choosing the flooring type, the size of the room determines whether to go for light or dark flooring colours. If your rooms are small, you need to use light-coloured flooring to provide an illusion of a bigger space. On the other hand, if your room is large and you want a warm and intimate interior, you can find darker wood-engineered floors. Fortunately, at Wood Flooring Ireland, we produce both light and dark shades of Herringbone, Long Plank, Versailles Panels, and Chevron handcrafted flooring. That means you do not have to forgo the engineered flooring you want due to colour.

Match or Contrast With Existing Floors

You can either match the floor colours around your house or separate sections with different colours. Matching the flooring colours has a unifying effect and connects various rooms. However, using contrasting colours creates numerous functional spaces in an open plan house. With contrasting floors, you can choose the perfect colour and suitable timber flooring for specific spaces in your home.

Decide on the Mood of the Room

The colour palette of your flooring will affect the mood of your room. Therefore, you need to pick a colour that complements other interior elements like walls or ceiling and brings out your home’s best look and mood. Colour has a profound effect on your room, and your choice will determine if your home has a clean, natural aesthetic or an inviting and homey feel.

As a thumb rule, darker shades bring out a luxurious and stylish feel to the room, while lighter colours provide a contemporary atmosphere. While most engineered wood floors create a sense of class and urban aesthetic, you can tweak the colour scheme to achieve your desired mood. For instance, go for yellow or beige for a modern look, but if you want a peaceful and laid back feeling, go for grey engineered wood flooring. Besides, the grey floors are neutral and versatile and can blend with any wall colour, furniture or décor. Brown floors provide a rustic and earthy feel that enhances comfort and security, while red and orange tones are warm and create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. Black engineered wood flooring provides a sense of luxury, class and style.

Consider the Furniture

Your flooring and furniture should complement each other instead of competing for attention. Therefore, you should keep in mind the style and colours of your furniture when choosing your flooring tones. For instance, if you want the designer furniture to be the centrepiece in your sitting room, do not choose a flooring colour that will divert attention from the furniture. Instead, go for neutral floorings like grey or white to form a blank canvas for displaying your designer furniture. Your furniture and floor colours should also blend to achieve the desired mood of the room. For instance, heavy furniture can lend a luxurious feel to red flooring shades and provide a warm and inviting space.

When deciding the best flooring for your furniture, you can either contrast or match the colour. Contrasting involves using dark-coloured furniture in a room with light-coloured flooring and vice versa. Combining dark and light colour tones in a room creates an airy space with a rustic and classic feel. You can also match light furniture to light-coloured flooring or dark colours to create a contemporary interior. If you match the furniture and floor colours, you can use a rug or artwork to break the monotony. Apart from furniture, your rugs, throw pillows, wall colour and artwork are also important when picking your interior flooring. These elements can help you match the flooring to the function and style of the room.

Natural Light vs Artificial Light

As light bounces off the floors, it provides a different impression depending on the light intensity. For instance, engineered wood flooring will look different in artificial and natural lighting. It is best to compare the wood sample at different times of the day to ensure they create the desired aesthetics in your home.

The natural light in your home will help you determine the floor colour. You can experiment with dark flooring if you have plenty of natural light to create a sophisticated space without robbing the room of its natural light. Besides, darker floors provide an appealing contrast with the bright light producing a dramatic effect. However, if your living room has limited sunlight, consider lighter shades for your flooring. Darker tones will make your space appear small and uninviting unless you compensate for the natural light using artificial lights.

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Flooring colours have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of your home. Regardless of the mood you want to achieve, you can find engineered wood flooring that suits your style. Besides, you can select from our unique and bespoke colour schemes. Our Wood Flooring Ireland manufacturing facility in Cork uses high-level production techniques to produce handcrafted wood flooring patterns and styles. Call today for expert advice, we can guide you through the process of choosing the right colour for your home.

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