Engineered Wood Flooring Vs Carpet: For The Bedroom

With so many options at your disposal, choosing a flooring material for your bedroom can be an arduous task. The choices that are constantly pitted together are carpets and engineered wood flooring. One is natural and long-lasting, while the other is synthetic, cosy and inexpensive but less likely to outlast its alternative.

There are plenty of factors that come into play when it comes to deciding between carpets and engineered wood flooring. These include cost, thermal insulation, durability and ease of cleaning. But, when it’s all said and done, you want to be happy with how your floor looks and feels. So, personal preferences are still a significant factor when deciding between carpets and engineered wood for your bedroom floor.

Before you make a decision, it is essential to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of having each of these floors.

Engineered Wood vs. Carpet Flooring Comparison Guide

The Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring in Bedrooms


One of the advantages of engineered wood flooring is its durability. The flooring material comprises multiple layers of plywood glued together and topped off with an outer layer (solid wood lamella). This design makes an engineered wood floor tough enough to withstand heavy foot traffic for many years. It will even last longer in the bedroom since floors in such areas of the house see less footfall.

Easier to Clean

Engineered wood floors are relatively resistant to dust and dirt. They have a solid top layer (lamella) which makes it hard for these pollutants to stick. If debris lands on your floors, it will remain on the surface, and you can easily sweep them off with a soft broom or a mop. Read here to learn more about how to clean engineered wood floors.

Come in a Variety of Options

There are plenty of engineered wood floor styles today, with varying colours, textures and designs. Whether searching for an exotic style with top-notch aesthetic value or in need of a pocket-friendly option, it has something for you. So what are the different types of wood flooring available for your bedroom?

The Drawbacks of Engineered Wood Flooring in Bedroom

Can Be Pricey

If you choose wood floors over carpets, you should be prepared to spend more on purchase and installation fees. Although there are some less pricey styles, the cheapest ones will still cost you more than carpet. However, on the upside, wood floors will last longer – which means you won’t need to replace them as often.

Require Special Care

Besides regular vacuuming and cleaning, engineered wood floors will require professional sanding from time to time. You also need to get rid of debris and spills as soon as they happen to prevent them from embedding themselves and causing scratches or stains on the lamella. You also can’t use harsh cleaners, which can sometimes make getting rid of tough stains difficult.

You Can’t Refinish as Much as You Want

Refinishing your engineered wood floors gives them a new, fresh look. Unfortunately, there is a limit to how many times you can perform the process on these floors. Generally, you can refinish them 1-3 times in their lifetime. But, on the upside, these floors have a 15-20 years lifespan, so you will get the most out of them before you can’t refinish anymore.

Benefits of Carpets in Bedrooms

Cheaper Option

If you are on a tight budget, carpeting your bedroom might be your best option. Not only are they cheaper to purchase, but carpets will also cost you less installation fee. That is often a strong selling point for many homeowners who have already spent largely on other aspects of their bedroom.

Less Noise

Most people desire a nice and quiet home, and carpets can help you in your efforts to achieve that goal. With their soft and cushy feel, carpeted floors dampen even the heaviest of footsteps – so you won’t have to get distracted every time someone walks across the room. Carpeting your floors can also help you get along with your downstairs neighbour since it minimises the thudding sound between floors.

Improve Air Quality

Besides their cosy and comfortable feel, carpets can also help improve air quality by trapping dust, pollen and other debris. With fewer of these allergens floating in the air, you can have a fresh-smelling bedroom for longer.

Drawbacks of Carpets in Bedrooms

Require Regular Replacement

Although they are cheaper to purchase and install, carpets need frequent replacement. Carpeted floors are prone to wear and tear, even if you have a healthy maintenance routine. In the long run, you might spend more than you bargained for.

Tough to Clean

If you have active kids, carpeting your bedroom might not be a very wise idea. Carpets improve air quality by trapping floating particles; however, it can be relatively challenging to get rid of the dirt and debris once they’ve accumulated. You might even need to rely on a professional to ensure you get rid of all the particles from the carpet fibres.

Provide a Conducive Environment for Pests

The soft fibres in your carpet can be a perfect hiding spot for dust mites and other pests. These tiny insects flourish in a warm cosy environment – which makes it relatively challenging to keep them away from your carpets. However, proper cleaning with the right solutions can help minimise the risk of harbouring these pests.

So, Which Flooring Option is Best for Your Bedroom?

With all these facts considered, choosing between the two flooring options can be relatively challenging. However, engineered wood flooring has a few extra benefits, making it an ideal choice for your bedroom floor. So, why choose engineered wood flooring over carpets?

For starters, engineered wood floors last longer than carpeted ones. Therefore, the cost will even out in the long run since you will have to replace your carpets several times before you even have to refinish your engineered wood floors. Additionally, the hard lamella top layer is easier to clean and is a less conducive environment for allergens that can cause diseases.

To Sum Things Up

Getting your floor freshly installed or upgraded can be a stressful process that takes time. Luckily, at Wood Flooring Ireland, we are here to take the pressure from you and handle all your flooring needs.

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