Why Are White and Grey Flooring Great for Your Home 

If you’re looking to install a new floor, you’ll need to think carefully about style and colour. For many years, hardwoods and natural shades were the materials of choice. However, grey and white flooring have become incredibly popular in recent years. 

These timeless shades are perfect for a more modern interior, but their stripped-back aesthetics make them a versatile option for any interior. Provided you’ve picked a reliable engineered flooring installation company, your white or grey floor can look its best for years to come. 
Here at Wood Flooring Ireland, we’re industry leaders when it comes to engineered wood flooring. For more than 15 years, we’ve been leading the way when it comes to bespoke flooring products, serving happy customers throughout Ireland. All products in our range are made from high-quality European Oak, with every tree used sourced from sustainable sources.  

Why is White Wood Flooring So Popular? 

White wood flooring remains a popular choice for those looking to add some contemporary flair to their interiors. This neutral colour works well in just about any space and coordinates beautifully with existing decor schemes. It’s also ideal for smaller spaces, helping give the illusion of space. This effect can be amplified further by the imaginative use of natural light. 
For a simple aesthetic, white long plank wood flooring is the way to go. However, Versailles panels or herringbone flooring can be used for those looking for something more traditional. 
White flooring makes a fine addition to any modern interior. It can be used very effectively in open-plan living areas, as well as spacious lounges filled with natural light. It’s also perfect for use in kitchens, especially if your square footage is limited. 

It also works well in smaller living rooms and bedrooms, although you’ll want to ensure you’re not overwhelming it with bulky furniture and balancing it with complementary fabrics and soft furnishings. 

Things to Consider When Choosing White Flooring 

One thing to consider with white flooring is that it can be more difficult to keep clean. Even a slight blemish will show up unless you’re keeping on top of regular cleaning and maintenance. If you’ve purchased inferior laminate flooring, regular flooring is practical. However, engineered wood flooring is a much harder alternative. 
The unique construction of engineered wood panels means the material copes well with temperature extremes. This not only allows you to install it in just about any room of the home, but it also makes cleaning easier. You don’t have to worry too much about moisture exposure. Unlike a laminate floor, engineered wood won’t warp or discolour when exposed to occasional spills.  

How to Clean Engineered Wood Floors 

One of the main advantages of engineered wood flooring is that it’s easier to clean. For best results, it’s advised to adopt a dry cleaning routine, rather than a wet cleaning one. To keep on top of surface debris, use a soft-bristle brush or vacuum cleaner to remove particles from your floor. Now and again, you’ll want to use a damp mop or cloth to work on more stubborn stains. 
Make sure you’re using a wrung-out mop head or cloth when using moisture to clean. Generally speaking, you should avoid using cleaning agents. Floor cleaning products can be an effective option, but make sure you’re using them in diluted concentrations. To ensure you’re not using too much water than is needed, target a small area first. If the floor dries within a minute or two of you cleaning it, you’ll know you haven’t used too much water.  
It’s also worth considering veneer material. Engineered wood can be finished with a variety of genuine hardwood veneers. All of these are robust, but some woods are more sensitive to moisture than others. If you’ve purchased flooring with a maple veneer, there’s an increased risk of moisture damage if you’re not careful when cleaning.  

Why Grey Wood Flooring is a Superb Choice 

If white is too contemporary for your tastes, there’s always grey wood flooring to consider. Grey-engineered wood flooring ticks all the right boxes for those looking for a modern look and minimalist feel. However, it’s far more versatile than stark white flooring and requires a less intensive cleaning schedule.  
Grey wood flooring comes in a range of style options. What are the different types of wood flooring options in grey? As with white flooring, you can keep things simple with long planks. These are ideal for larger rooms, with wide beams and long planks perfect for injecting a sense of space. If you prefer more character, investigate herringbone or chevron flooring options.  

Finding a Suitable Shade 

If you’re considering grey wood flooring, you’re not limited to a single shade. Grey flooring comes in a variety of tones, bringing you a surprising amount of variety. You can keep things light with a tone that’s almost as clean as classic white flooring. Alternatively, you can opt for a more medium hue or something altogether darker. Darker tones are the way to go if you’re thinking about more premium parquet styles. 
Oak wooden floors in grey are a timeless choice. With quality veneer allowing all the innate beauty of the oak grain to show through, you can enjoy all the advantages of natural wood. Grey colourways are incredibly versatile, leaving you plenty of options when it comes to decorating and furnishing your home.  
Grey floors look perfect in large kitchens or open-plan layouts. They can be teamed with white walls for a crisp and clean finish. Alternatively, you can go bolder with the rest of your palette. Soft creams and neutral pastels work particularly well with grey floors. If you’ve opted for a darker floor shade, make a statement with black walls or fiery reds. If you want to maintain the neutral appeal of your new floor, stick to beige and cream when painting walls and picking out furnishings.  

Find Out More About White and Grey Flooring Today 

Ready to overhaul your interiors with a new floor? Grey and white flooring is the way to go. At Wood Flooring Ireland, we offer a huge range of engineered wood flooring products. No matter whether you’re thinking about classic white or stylish grey, there’s no shortage of styles to choose from. 

Keep things simple with contemporary long planks or add some personality to your interiors with herringbone. Prefer chevron flooring? We’ve got a huge range of options for you to consider. 

Want to find out more? You can visit our Cork showroom to discover the range yourself. Alternatively, get in touch via the online contact form or call the team today on 021 4629913. 

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