White Wood Flooring

The Beauty of White Wood Flooring.

White wood flooring has been popular for many years in Nordic countries. Yet its popularity has started to spread. This elegant style is catching on in Ireland too. Here at Wood Flooring Ireland, we used premium European oak to set off our elegant parquet floors. We can create the tone of your dreams in our colour lab. Our shades range from pristine white to creamy lace. They’re much sought after with the upcoming popularity of white wood flooring.

White Wood Flooring for Those Who Love Elegance

White wood flooring has a simple, understated charm. It wins admirers everywhere. It has a clean, minimalist look. It provides a blank canvas in a sense. It provides a backdrop to beautiful paintings, elegant fabrics and artistic creativity. You can add your own splashes of colour to this very special look. As wood flooring goes, the look is classy and unique. Even timeless. It creates a special atmosphere of grace and understated opulence. We can create it engineered in any style.  Engineered wood flooring is a popular choice for white wood flooring. Especially in Ireland, with the tendency to build underfloor heating. Engineered wood flooring adapts better to adverse conditions. Such as those in kitchens and bathrooms. They’re far less susceptible to temperature fluctuations and moisture excess.

Why Invest in White Oak Wood Flooring?

We make our white wood flooring from the finest European oak. This beautiful wood has a modern look which many people today admire. No doubt the traditionalist look has its own admirers for certain. Yet white wood flooring speaks to a new generation. A generation that’s keen to leave the past behind and stride into the future. A generation that has learned what is worthy to carry forward from the past. At the same time, this new generation is putting its own look on tradition. You can see it everywhere in the modern world today. White oak is such a hard type of wood that moisture is all but unable to penetrate it. It’s also resilient to pressure. It’s not easy to damage. It’s a perfect choice for a family home.

White Wood Flooring

Is it Worth Investing in White Oak Floors?

White wood flooring has so many advantages. Its clean appearance encourages a minimalist look. It inspires you to keep your environment uncluttered and clear. The look of wood flooring also makes rooms look brighter and more spacious. It inspires a peaceful feeling. Your home is your castle. The place you go to retreat from the world. The peaceful atmosphere of your home will welcome you home from the crazy atmosphere of work. You’ll have a peaceful backdrop in which to sleep, let down your guard and relax. The look this inspires will also add value to your home. If you ever need to sell it, you can be sure that you’ll get a good price. This type of floor adds peace to your living space. It will have potential buyers queueing up to buy this beautiful home. That’s a unique atmosphere. They won’t even be able to put their finger on what exactly attracts them to your home. But you’ll know and that will be quite enough. One can say that yes, it’s worth investing in this type of floor.



White wood flooring lends itself particularly well to parquet floor designs. It puts a brand new twist on the most stalwart and enduring of designs. How many ways is it possible to design, white wood flooring? Let’s take a look.

white wood flooring


The most straightforward of wood floor designs can have an elegant, modern appearance. Its strips of wood laid across a room side by side. It creates a wood floor design which In a white wood flooring avatar, it looks simply stunning. Minimalist, fuss-free and has an absolutely stunning appearance.

white wood flooring


Chevron is a zigzag style of flooring but is continuous. The pattern consists of short planks placed at an angle and meeting at a point. It’s easy to remember the difference between the herringbone and chevron flooring, chevron looks like the middle letter of its name. It’s a repetitive pattern of the letter V.

white wood flooring


Herringbone is also an option for a white oak flooring look in your home. Wooden planks are laid out to meet at straight edges, not angles. It’s like chevron with a twist. The subtle differences between herringbone and chevron have fuelled many a debate. But herringbone is definitely in a class of its own.


The Versailles panels express a classical beauty that originated in the Palace of Versailles. It provides much scope for individual design because it can be produced in a number of patterns. The patterns are framed in square panels, which can be easily produced in engineered wood flooring.


Contact Our Sales Team

You’ve read all about these unique floors with their solid beauty and resilience. Would you like to take a step further If you’d like to come home to these floors, get in touch with our sales team for an informal chat? Discuss what you’d like in white wood flooring. Let our sales team help you make your dreams a reality. Do come along and visit our showroom if you’re in Cork. Otherwise, set up a phone call and talk to one of our flooring experts. Once you’ve decided on design and specifications, a deposit secures your order. Bear in mind that it usually takes about six weeks from paying the deposit and seeing your floor laid down. Once your floor has been laid and payment made, take pride in your great acquisition.

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