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Quality Timber Flooring

Flooring fashions may come and go, but quality timber flooring is an item of lasting value. Think of the quality of the wood utilised. Think of the skill of the craft workers who design and produce the flooring. More significantly, think of the art and craft of producing a floor which gives depth and quality to your home design which cannot be duplicated anywhere. Quality flooring adds character and depth to your home design which absolutely nothing else can. The understated quality which doesn’t overstate its excellence and craftsmanship. It’s the essence of good taste which doesn’t flaunt extravagance in the face of an admiring visitor. Rather it leaves an impression of your modesty and excellent taste, not to mention your appreciation of true quality. A quality which lasts and lasts. Genuine timber flooring is an asset to your home and to your lifestyle.


Our premium Oak is hand-selected from European forest

Three different grades of European Oak are available for your wood flooring, based on the presence of knots – dark circular or oval areas of grain indicating where a branch once was. ‘Rustic grade’ includes the most knots, providing character and a more natural appearance. ‘Nature grade’ has fewer knots than ‘rustic grade’. Then for a very clean and knot free look we offer the ‘Select grade’ which is from the deepest part of the tree.

Plank Flooring

Plank Flooring

In the annals of wooden flooring, plank flooring is classic. Simple, timeless, quality are the keywords. Quality wooden floors, built to last a lifetime. There’s simply nothing better. This classic timber flooring has a certain timelessness, not to mention versatility. Enjoy its natural beauty or cover it with seasonal rugs as it pleases you. You decide. Our company has an eye on the timber from the very source. We select only the best. You can decide on the width of your planks and the appearance. If you want rustic timber flooring, you’ll get it. Our flooring company is happy to provide it. We’re Wood Flooring Ireland.

herringbone timber flooring

Herringbone Flooring

Of all the types of timber flooring, herringbone is definitely a firm favourite. Because of its rectangular wooden planks, it looks somewhat similar to chevron flooring and lovers of wood floors are often hard-pressed to tell what exactly is the difference between the two. However, the two are actually quite distinct. Herringbone flooring is one of those wood floors with rectangular wooden planks laid in a manner which bears a passing resemblance to its chevron cousin but is in fact quite different. The difference? The zig-zag angle. Not quite ready to commit to Herringbone flooring everywhere? Thats ok, why not make your hall a design feature with this style? Keep the same colour but do a straight plank in the adjoining rooms. Anything is possible with Wood Flooring Ireland.

chevron timber flooring

CHEVRON Flooring

There are various types of timber flooring. Chevron flooring is undoubtedly one of the most popular flooring styles. This enigmatic, yet deceivingly simple design is a classic which has endured for centuries. In fact, its history stretches back to classical times and amazingly, it shows no sign of waning in popularity. There’s no improving on classic quality, yet you’ll get to put your individual stamp on your timber flooring. Your shade, choice of wood and timber flooring type will be unique to your home. You can proudly state that there isn’t another one like it in the world.

timber flooring

Versailles Flooring

Versailles flooring panels were the last word in elegance when they made an appearance in the magnificent Versailles Palace. Even today, they make a strong impression. They consist of woven panels interwoven with other panels with thin wooden strips. Each individual panel is like a separate work of art, In timber flooring, Versailles is the ultimate in elegance. The Versailles design appears to have replaced marble as the most opulent palace floor. For pure elegance in timber flooring, Versailles flooring is the style to have. No other style can come near it for elegance and quality. Simple it is not, but sophisticated and tasteful it is.

Get Your Very Own Bespoke Timber Flooring at Wood Flooring Ireland

You’re invited to our factory or showroom to see for yourself what we, as a company offering bespoke timber flooring can supply you with to transform the flooring of your home into a work of art. Make an appointment so the expert you need will be present when you drop in. You can choose from several features. Select your favourite style and colour. Remember, it takes six-eight weeks between order placement and fulfillment.


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What’s the difference between herringbone and parquet?
Parquet is a style of wood flooring, different from plank wood flooring. It would make more sense to ask what the difference between herringbone and chevron flooring is, as they are both styles of Parquet wood flooring. Herringbone flooring can be engineered or solid wood flooring.

Why is it called Herringbone?
Quite simply, the name “herringbone” stems from it’s visual similarity to the bones of a fish. Particularly herring, in this case. The zigzag pattern that is characteristic of herringbone flooring is seen in many other walks of life, such as brickwork, tiling, and even the weave of fabric. It is very similar yet distinguishable to chevron pattern flooring.

Which way do you lay a herringbone pattern?
There is more than one way to lay herringbone flooring. Traditionally, you would create a zigzag pattern by laying the wood at 45 degree angles to each other. It is also common to arrange the design into square modules, creating a more rectangular effect, and thus making it more distinctive from chevron flooring.


What is your contribution to the design of your floor?

You have the vision. Let’s now put it into practice.

  1. Make an appointment or drop in to our showroom and factory in Cork.
  2. Select your style (or styles) and colour.
  3. Select plank lengths and widths, where appropriate.
  4. Discuss and choose the finishing treatment.
  5. After ordering, grant us a 6-8 week lead time.
  6. After installation, enjoy your new flooring from Wood Flooring Ireland!

Where you Quality Wood Flooring is Crafted




At Wood Flooring Ireland, we pride ourselves on creating exquisite bespoke handmade wood flooring.


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