Vinyl Planks & Tiles

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Why Choose Berry Alloc PURE LVT Vinyl?

1. Quick and Easy:
Pure vinyl planks and tiles can be installed much faster than any other floor, thanks to their leveling properties. Almost any sub floor will do.

You can install Pure Vinyl directly on top of an exciting tile floor, without print-through of the tile joints.
All of this made possible to Pure Clicks advanced RCB- Rigid Composite Board.

The RBC- Rigid Composite Board not only gives an exceptional rigidity and stability to the planks, it also reduces their weight considerably. Leading to less effort and easier manipulation during transport and installation.

2. Fast and Simple Installation:
Thanks to the DreamClick locking system, any Pure floor can be ready and installed in no time. The 4 sided identical locks allow you to install your PURE floor faster than traditional click systems. You can start the next row where you’ve finished the previous row.

3. The Silent Floor:
Our DreamClick locking system is the best on the LVT market. With a lockstrength of 500kg Pure Click can withstand heavy loads and frequent traffic with the greatest ease.

Pure has excellent noise reduction properties, much better than any other LVT floor. PURE absorbs noise to the max! It produces a soft sound when walked upon and dampens out noises to the rooms below.

4. 100% Waterproof:
PURE floors are waterproof, so they are ideal to install in your bathroom, kitchen or other wetrooms.

5. Easy to Clean:
A PURE floor requires very little maintenance. PURE has a protective polyurethane lacquer, which makes the floor easy to clean and protects it against daily wear and tear. All that is required is an occasional sweep with a wet mop and standard cleaning products.

PURE floors are compatible with Under Floor Heating.
PURE floors are 100% recyclable, making it a perfect floor for the world of tomorrow.