Styling Tips When Choosing Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is synonymous with luxury and, for many, epitomises high-end style. Patterns like herringbone and chevron have been around for thousands of years, but it was only during the 16th century that they were first used in parquetry. Since then, they’ve become a staple of interior design. Today, parquet flooring is a stylish and practical choice for any space.

At Wood Flooring Ireland, we offer a full range of parquet styles for you to choose from in an assortment of classic colours. What’s more, all of our parquetry is available as engineered wood flooring, providing you with a low-maintenance solution that’s easy to care for, ensuring it’ll look its best for many years to come.

Embrace Traditional Design

Parquet flooring has been around for centuries. As such, it makes sense to look to the past for style advice. The likes of Versailles panels and authentic herringbone flooring work particularly well in traditional spaces. These styles of flooring are a perfect fit with elegant interiors like grand entryways. However, you don’t need an expansive floor plan to make full use of parquet. Thinking about overhauling a more traditional interior with parquetry? Read on for some essential styling tips.

Consider Flooring Patterns Carefully

Parquetry adds a touch of luxury to any space. What are the different types of wood flooring you add to a more traditional interior? Herringbone is always a good choice. This versatile flooring pattern will work just about anywhere. It can create flow in corridors but also add character to living areas and rooms with awkward layouts. Instantly recognisable thanks to its zigzag motif, a herringbone floor will accentuate high-end interiors, but will also stand as a style feature in its own right.

You can keep things simple with a consistent herringbone pattern throughout your home. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to mix things up with unique takes on this classic pattern. Use double rows to make a herringbone floor your own or combine them with other parquet patterns to create a wholly unique floor.

If you want to take things to the next level, it’s worth considering Versailles panels. These premium panels are often considered the best in class when it comes to parquet flooring. With no shortage of interwoven motifs to choose from, you can easily create a floor like no other.

Choose the Right Colours

When it comes to parquet flooring, selecting a pattern is only half the battle. If you’re styling a more traditional interior, colour choice is all important. Consider the rest of your space before selecting a hue. Is your space furnished with ornate pieces and natural hardwoods? Warm oaks and darker hues are the way to go if you’re looking to anchor your interiors with some rustic character.

You can keep things subtle and choose a complementary floor colour that pairs nicely with your wall decor. Alternatively, use darker flooring to create a timeless contract. If you prefer more low-key decor schemes, it’s best to stick to a muted palette of off-whites, neutral hues and forest greens when painting walls and room accents.

Using Parquet Flooring in Contemporary Spaces

Parquet flooring can also be put to good use in more contemporary interiors. Long plank wood flooring is a staple choice for stripped-back spaces, especially if you’re looking to open things. If your rooms are lacking in character, consider using chevron flooring to make a style statement and create a sense of flow. Even herringbone can be used effectively in a more contemporary room, especially if you stick to a single border.

Experiment with Eclectic Design

Contemporary style doesn’t have to be sterile. Instead, embrace a more eclectic approach to interior decorating. Long planks are perfect for breathing new life into an unloved space, but a daring array of parquet styles can create contrast and add visual interest.

If you’re overhauling an open-plan arrangement, it’s tempting to keep things simple with a single parquet pattern. This can work if it’s minimalist you’re after, but if you want to create zoned spaces like designated seating areas and dining nooks, it’s worth combining multiple patterns.

Light Colours Tend to Work Best

In a modern interior, it’s often best to stick to light-coloured flooring. Grey and white-coloured parquet will encourage light to bounce around. Not only will this make your interiors feel more spacious, but it’ll also compensate for a lack of natural light if your rooms are lacking windows.

Sometimes, whitewashed flooring can make a room feel spare. However, it’s easy to add warmth by introducing soft furnishings and textured rugs. If lighter flooring isn’t for you, think about a darker hue instead. Rich oaks can make a fine accompaniment to neutral walls and stripped-back decor schemes.

Other Things to Consider When Using Parquet Flooring

One of the main advantages of engineered wood flooring in parquet designs is that it adds character to a room. However, you’ll need to consider the dimensions of your space and room layout before selecting a suitable pattern. If you have plenty of square footage available, just about any parquet pattern should work.

That being said, more ornate arrangements can leave a room feeling smaller. If you’ve gone all in with parquet flooring, think about simplifying the rest of your decor to avoid overwhelming a room. Stick to low-key furniture with clean lines and simple finishes that won’t compete for attention.

Want to make a big style statement with a parquet floor? Dark flooring is the way to go. However, be wary about using dark-coloured floors in smaller spaces like bedrooms and studies. Richer shades are best reserved for places like hallways and generously proportioned living rooms.

Transform Your Interiors with Parquet Flooring

Tired of staring at drab carpets or second-rate laminate? Why not upgrade to parquet flooring instead? At Wood Flooring Ireland, you’ll find an impressive selection of parquetry, with everything from long planks to ornate Versailles panels to choose from.

Why choose engineered wood flooring over conventional hardwood? Wondering about how to clean engineered wood floors? Our team can answer all these questions and more. Drop us a message via the online contact form or call us on 021 4629913 today.

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