Solid Wood Flooring

SOLID WOOD FLOORING. Give Your Home a Personal Touch.

Believe it or not, solid wood flooring can make your house feel more like home. Everyone has that specific feeling evoked by the thought of home. Such feelings are usually a product of the sights, smells, tastes, and sounds one associate with their home. To this effect, the type of home décor such as the wood flooring will have an influence on how you and your family members remember home. Since people have varying tastes and preferences when it comes to decoration, the only way to be sure you will be getting exactly what you intend when designing your floor is to employ the services of a bespoke crafting company.

Wood Flooring Ireland is a company that specialises in designing and crafting wood flooring for clients as per their instructions. This means that as a customer, you will present your vision of a perfect home and we will ensure that is exactly what you get. The whole process from when the wood leaves the forest to finish the desired floor is a partnership between the customer and the company, ensuring their specifications are fully met.

Benefits of Wood Flooring

Unlike other home decorations like carpets and curtains that can be easily changed, floors more permanent. One should, therefore, take time to select a flooring material that serves their needs best and on which they will be comfortable to live for a while. Below are some reasons most people choose solid wood flooring over other flooring types:

Benefits of Solid wood flooring

Authentic Feel and Look

In itself, wood has a natural warmth and beauty which makes a home feel accommodating. With polishing and styling, solid wood flooring can attain an elegant look and a sense of spaciousness that never goes out of style.

When properly installed, timber flooring will allow better acoustics with little to no vibrations or hollow sounds.

They are easy to install

Although the installation work will be handled by our specialists, you will appreciate the ease and speed at which solid wood flooring can be fitted. This can be especially useful if you are conducting renovations on your home and wish to complete the process and move back in as soon as possible. The wood used is specially milled to ensure an easy fit that is uniform and stable. Even if you were to do the renovation or installation by yourself, it wouldn’t feel like rocket science.

Available in a Range of Finishes

With solid wood flooring, you can turn your floor into a canvas of sorts with your own designs. The range of styles you can choose from include Versailles, Chevron, Herringbone, and Plank styles. These can also be blended as per the client’s preference. The range of styles, species, colours and finishes also makes it easier for one to select a design that is in harmony with the interior design of their home.

The colour experts at Wood Flooring Ireland have created a bank of 800+ colours from which you can select your favourite design like grey wood floor or white wood etc – you can get the look you want. The formulas are created and tested in-house and cannot be found elsewhere. If your desired colour or combination is not already in our catalogue, the experts can try and make it for you.

Wood is Strong and Durable

Solid wood flooring, if properly installed and maintained, can last for decades. Even for a home with children running around or furniture being dragged about, the floor will maintain its shine for a long time. Better yet, when friction causes the wood to lose its lustre, it can be easily restored by sanding.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Wood flooring does not accumulate dust as much as tiled floors; which have electromagnetic forces. Therefore, routine vacuuming and mopping is all the maintenance you will need to keep your floor spic and span. This makes it more hygienic compared to the other flooring types.

Provides a healthy quality of indoor air

Unlike carpets, solid wood flooring does not have embossing, grout lines or fibres. These can trap animal dander, pollen, allergen or other particles that will compromise the quality of air. The proper finishing products such as eco-friendly oil that is Formaldehyde and VOC-free ensures that with proper ventilation, your indoor air supply will always be fresh.

Adds Value to Your Home

Wood flooring is a long-term investment that will increase the overall quality of your property. Later on, if you wish to sell the property, your home will be valued more. You could even get a return that is higher than the initial installation cost.

solid wood flooring
solid wood flooring

Benefits of engineered wood flooring from Wood Flooring Ireland

Wood flooring comes with numerous benefits, especially if installed by professionals with years of experience. The following are some reasons why you should let Wood Flooring Ireland handle your flooring needs:

The customer is in charge. While our experienced technicians are available to help you choose your design, the final decision will be yours to make. You will be able to pick your desired species, colour and even style to suit your vision of home.

Quality European raw material is used. We track and research our raw material, ensuring that the oak used is of the best quality sourced from Lithuanian forests. Since most of these processes are supervised inhouse, the possibility of the oak used being from unknown suppliers or even from China is eliminated.

All custom floorings are produced in our factory in Cork, Ireland. You can, therefore, follow up on the process from when the unfinished wood is prepared and fitted in preparation for installation into your home.

Eco-friendliness. Since we handle the whole process, we ensure eco-friendly oil – free from VOC and Formaldehyde – is used. Visiting the sawmills where the wood is processed ensures the process is ethical and environmentally sustainable.

We are unique. Our colour experts have experimented and come up with unique formulas to meet all your design needs. If your desired colour is not present, our capable specialists are ready to experiment for you.



Below are the main styles you can choose from for your solid wood floor. Depending on your preference, they can be used solely or mixed to achieve the desired effect. If you have other styles in mind you can discuss your preferences with us.

Solid Wood Flooring Plank


This is a style where planks are placed inline or side by side. Wider planks give the impression of a larger room whereas narrower planks make rooms appear deeper.

Solid Wood Flooring Chevron


Chevron is a zigzag flooring style where short planks are placed end to end at an angle of 45 degrees, meeting at a point to form a continuous V-shaped pattern.

Solid Wood Flooring Herringbone


Herringbone flooring is also made of a zigzag pattern but unlike Chevron, the planks meet at a 90-degree angle. This gives it a continuous staggering appearance.

Solid Wood Flooring Versailles


This style came from the Palace of Versailles, it shows the classical beauty of time. Allows room for designing. It has different patterns framed in square panels.


What Are the Steps to Get Your Wood Floor Designed?

Now that you have a picture of what you want your floor to be like, below are the steps you need to take:

  1. You could visit our factory and showroom in Cork or make an appointment.
  2. Select your preference from a range of colours and styles.
  3. If needed, select the length and width of your planks.
  4. Discuss and choose the desired finishing treatment.
  5. Make your order and give us a 6-week lead time
  6. Wait for the installation and enjoy your new floor from Wood Flooring Ireland.


Which is better engineered or solid hardwood flooring?

Solid hardwood floors are made from a single plank of wood while engineered wood flooring is made from layers of wood. The preference for which one is better depends on your considerations. While they can both achieve the same look, with solid wood you get the genuine wood all the way down while for engineered wood you get the real wood on top of a layer of plywood. This allows more stability and underfloor heat control can be fitted.

What is the difference between engineered wood floors and laminated floors?

Engineered wood floors are produced in layers of plywood with real wood in the top layer. Laminated floors are made from compressed fibreboard, covered with an imaged pattern, and then laminated on top with a plastic surface called melamine.

Which is the best wooden flooring??

The best wooden flooring is made from wood species that are of hard and good quality. Oak flooring, is the most solid wood flooring due to its hardness and durability.

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