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Genuine quality never goes out of style and parquet flooring is the epitome of style. Give your home the gift of genuine parquet floors and it will do you proud for years to come. At Wood Flooring Ireland, we know that you deserve the best. Authentic, handcrafted, stylish timber flooring that never goes out of fashion is exactly what you and your home deserve. The feeling of having a work of art beneath your feet will give your home a sense of timeless quality that is ever unchanging and always new. If you want to step beyond a ‘supply and fit’ engineered wood flooring and choose a handcrafted flooring, custom-made to suit your taste, give this matter some thought. We are a bespoke flooring company and it would be our pleasure to build the floor of your dreams for you. You can have the most beautiful house in Ireland. Yet a handcrafted, bespoke floor will have depth, warmth, and character. It speaks of life in all its seasons. It will add to the personality and atmosphere of your home.



Parquet is a type of wooden mosaic used for decorative flooring purposes. The patterns may be geometric or angular. It has been popular, in various forms, for several centuries. There are several different types of parquet flooring. Let’s explore them.

Parquet flooring plank


Long plank wood flooring is modern, simple and fuss-free. A clean and uncomplicated design that shows off the richness and depth of the best quality wood. Our unique treatments enhance the wood’s beauty.

Parquet flooring chevron


An ancient legacy, an original geometric, angular parquet flooring pattern. Resembling zig-zag patterns, Chevron is cut so each zig and zag touch at a 45-degree angle.

Parquet flooring herringbone


Sometimes confused with Chevron, this Herringbone pattern also resembles the zig-zag, but the wooden tiles are rectangular, rather angled. They meet at straight edges, giving a pleasing effect.

Parquet flooring versailles


This is French parquet flooring that appeared in the 17th century. Versailles consists of large wooden tiles with an edged framing effect and a diagonal pattern within. Has an appealing appearance

As we can see, there are several patterns of authentic parquet floors. You have the choice to decide which pattern to choose. You can also decide on the colour which you’d like your wooden floor to be. We can mix any wood shade you like and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your house is the only one in the world with this unique combination of parquet floors and the wood shade of your choice.


What is your contribution to the design of your Parquet flooring?

You have the vision. Let’s now put it into practice.

  1. Make an appointment or drop in to our showroom and factory in Cork.
  2. Select your style (or styles) and colour.
  3. Select plank lengths and widths, where appropriate.
  4. Discuss and choose the finishing treatment.
  5. After ordering, grant us a 6-week lead time.
  6. After installation, enjoy your new flooring from Wood Flooring Ireland!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Parquet Flooring Real Wood?

It is made of specially treated and coloured wood. The wood for the flooring as made by our company is 100% authentic wood, sourced from top quality European oak. We have a strong business relationship with the company which produces the wood for the flooring. We make it a point to visit the factory and forests three or four times a year to ensure that we are getting the best possible quality wood for our bespoke flooring. No doubt there may be products on the market which are not up to the quality products that we produce. But you can be assured that we take pride in producing top-quality, custom-made flooring. For the upper layer of the floor, we use 4 to 6 mm oak wood planks. For the lower layer, we use the highest quality birch wood sourced in the Baltic region..

Is Parquet Flooring suitable for Kitchens?

Many parquet floor enthusiasts have reported that they find it suitable for the kitchen. However, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that we need to consider certain conditions in the kitchen, like the fluctuation of humidity and moisture levels. Keeping that in view, we would say that oak flooring is suitable for kitchens. It’s good to install engineered wood flooring(semi-solid) made with hardwood, which is better able to withstand kitchen conditions. This is much more suitable for kitchen conditions and will suit your purpose well.

Is Parquet Flooring Suitable for Bathrooms?

Many users have reported that their parquet-floored bathrooms are holding up well. But this depends on how the bathroom is being used. If it’s being used by two sensible adults, it’s probably fine. But families with children need to be more aware. Keeping the moisture levels in view, an engineered hardwood (semi-solid) floor is much more suitable than any other for use in the bathroom.

What is Reclaimed Parquet Flooring?

This is basically a reincarnated parquet floor. Or a recycled one. Suppose an old house is being demolished? If the floors are of good quality they can definitely be rescued and recycled. Do you know what’s the best thing about reclaimed parquet? Supposing you can find enough of a particular parquet floor to cover your desired floor space, of course? It’s the fact that it has developed so much over the years and has character, warmth and depth already embedded in the wood. However, our custom-made bespoke flooring, made from the best materials, will develop a history of its own as your life goes through various phases and seasons. Your floor will grow along with you.

What are the Differences Between Solid, Semi-Solid, Hardwood and Laminate Flooring?

Solid wood flooring is made from solid pieces of wood. Semi-solid or engineered wood flooring is more versatile and is able to withstand fluctuations in moisture and temperature. It is made of a top layer of the original wood and several layers of plywood, from three to twelve layers. Laminate flooring is made of imitation wood. It is not genuine wood.

How Do you Clean Parquet Flooring?

Parquet flooring is cleaned on a general basis by any one of three methods. It may be vacuumed, with a vacuum cleaner. The machine is great for cleaning up the dirt between the cracks. The floor may also be swept using a sweeping brush. Or else you could use a dry mop meant specifically for wooden floors. If the parquet floor is sealed, it can be wiped with a damp mop. Use as little water as possible. Make sure you do a general clean regularly.

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