Oak Wood Flooring

Oak wood Flooring – A Touch of Enduring Luxury.

Oak wood flooring is hard to beat when it comes to enduring luxury and quality. It looks good and as it matures, it develops depth and character. It gives your home a sense of warmth and in addition, looks beautiful. Really, what more could anyone want? But you know you have every right to enjoy this. You’ve worked hard for what you have today. You deserve to come home to a touch of enduring luxury. That’s what you get with oak flooring.

Oak WOOD Flooring – an Investment FOR THE Future

Once you’ve found the home you’ve been looking for, you don’t want to compromise. This is the place where you’ll spend family time. It’s also the place where you’ll make time for yourself. It’s where you plan to age with grace and dignity. Investing in flooring that will mature in age and character as you do makes complete sense. Wood flooring in Cork, or anywhere else in Ireland, it really doesn’t matter. There’s nothing like the enduring quality of real oak flooring.  Naturally, you need to work with an oak flooring company that is 100% committed to genuine quality. You want your floor to be handcrafted, with complete dedication to true quality. You want top-quality wood to be sourced from sustainable forests. You want nothing less than the best, and rightly so.

The Benefits of Choosing Top Quality Wood Flooring

Our oak is top quality wood. It has a timeless appeal that increases in beauty as it ages. Even though there’s a myth that it’s too expensive, it works out to be more economical than stone. A hardwood like oak is highly resistant to damage and is quite easy to maintain in comparison with other types of flooring. Unlike carpet flooring which can trap allergy-aggravating substances and odours, wood flooring is the complete opposite. Once you clean up messes immediately, the wood suffers no lasting damage. Oak is strong wood and has elements that make it resistant to damage from insects, fungus and moisture. Another great thing about oak wood flooring is the variety of classic designs in which it can be made. Wooden floors are strong, long-lasting and have great versatility of design. They are truly an excellent choice for the discerning purchaser. Its value could be said to increase as it gets older because aged oak flooring is to be treasured. It increases a house’s value as well as adds warmth to the house.

Oak Wood Flooring



There are several wooden flooring designs which are classic in their appeal. Let’s explore them and see why they are enduringly popular.

oak wood flooring


Long plank wood flooring is a classic, clean wooden design, perfect for a quality floor. Strips of wood or planks laid side by side across the length of a room. This design gives a reassuring and solid look. As classic looks as floors go, it’s probably the most timeless and most straightforward.

oak wood flooring


Chevron is the one you must choose if you want something more intricate. Consisting of wooden planks, the sides of the planks touch to create an acute angle. The chevron pattern is visually pleasing and makes a subtle yet strong statement. There’s nothing more stylish than a chevron-patterned oak wood floor.


Herringbone design is another classic, angular design. Yet it differs in a subtle way from chevron flooring. The rectangular tiles meet at straight rather than angular edges. The effect of the herringbone design on polished oak wood flooring is impressive. It adds a touch of sophistication as well as style.

oak wood flooring


Versailles Panels are your pattern if you like a touch of royalty. It originated in the French palace of Versailles. The French monarchy was known for its style. Paris leads the world in style today. The pattern consists of designed wooden panels, woven together. It’s a fusion of elegance and simplicity.



Installing a handmade, bespoke oak wood flooring might be easier than you think. Flooring is our mission in Wood Flooring Ireland. We love to make the dream of beautiful flooring a reality for our valued customers. We specialise in oak wood flooring in particular, with its varied designs, patterns and tones. We can install your floor in the tone of your choice, adding depth and character to your home. Your oak wood floor will be unique to you. That’s a promise. Why not make an appointment to visit our factory and speak with one of our flooring experts? We are based in Cork. If you can’t come personally, we can arrange a call. Discuss your house and flooring needs with us. You can choose the style and tone of your floor. A deposit secures your order and please remember you can expect a six-week period from ordering to completion. Don’t delay, get in touch today.


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What is the best wood for wooden flooring?

There are different types of wood. Wood is divided into two groups, hardwood and softwood. Hardwood comes from deciduous trees which shed their leaves in winter. They are expensive but durable. Examples of hardwood are mahogany, teak and oak. Softwoods are not as durable as hardwood so would not last as long. These woods are from fast-growing evergreen trees examples are pine, spruce and cedar. For most families, hardwoods would be a popular choice. Oak is the best hardwood for Ireland as there are oaks grown in Europe. Mahogany and teak are found in tropical countries.

How can you clean and maintain an oak floor?

Proper maintenance and proper cleaning of oak floors go hand in hand. If oak floors are properly cleaned and maintained, their natural beauty and character will be enhanced over time. It also prolongs their lifespan. Remember, it’s important to use products meant specifically for hardwood flooring. Other products will damage the oak or hardwood floor. Another important point is to remember that if there are any spills or messes on the floor such as those left by pets, please clean them up immediately to avoid lasting damage. A weekly vacuum, sweep or dust-mopping clean is essential. If you must use a wet mop, make sure it is properly wrung and not dripping. Every month or two, do a deep clean after the regular clean, using products appropriate to your floor’s finish. This will enrich your wooden flooring and keep it looking fresh.

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