Laminate F.A.Qs: You’re Questions Answered

  1. What does AC Wear Rating mean?

In laminate flooring the AC Wear Rating is a measure of how well the floor will perform with daily wear and tear. This is an International Grading ranging from AC1-AC5.  All the laminates we stock in Wood Flooring Ireland are at the AC3-5 level.

In our showroom we stock over 100 laminates.

14MM Laminate- Sunset

  1. What is the difference between the Wear Ratings?

The difference between the AC Ratings is how long it will take before your floor shows signs of wear. A 25 year wear warranty is with most AC4s and a 30 year wear warranty with most AC5s, however the chances are you will have changed the interior floor ever before your wear warranty runs out!

At Wood Flooring Ireland, our dedicated team of Wood Sales Specialists are here to help you make the right decision for you and your home.

quickstep warranty

  1. Are laminate floors suitable for Under Floor Heating?

Yes, all laminates are suitable for Under Floor Heating. However, the underlay suitable for Under Floor Heating must be used.

Call into us and one of our Wood Sales Specialists can advise you on the correct underlay for Under Floor Heating.

Hazelnut Oak
9MM Laminate- Hazelnut Oak

  1. Are laminates suitable for kitchens?

This is a tricky one! Laminate floors get fitted in kitchens every day of the week, however it is not without risk and we like to be honest with our customers. Wood and Water do not mix! We have a range which is 72hr water resistant, with more new colours on the way! At Wood Flooring Ireland we have searched for a solution to the wood/water debate.  The solution: A fabulous Vinyl product from Berry Alloc (Belgium) which is 100% Waterproof!

Call in to our showroom and we can go through our range of Berry Alloc Waterproof Planks.

Berry Alloc Vinyl- Toulon Oak
  1. Do I have to buy an underlay?

100% Yes!! An underlay is a necessity, it evenly distributes across your sub floor allowing your laminate floor to float. At Wood Flooring Ireland we believe that the quality of your underlay is as important as your floor- we would even go so far in saying that the underlay is the un-sung hero in any successful floor job. The advantages of having a good quality underlay are so valuable- better acoustic performance (both in room & transmitted sound), moisture & mould resistance, sustainability and overall better floor performance. If the underlay fails the floor fails!!!!

We have a wide range of Underlays in stock at Wood Flooring Ireland.

wood fibre
Wood Fibre Underlay

Laminate or Engineered?

One major thing to consider when buying a brand new wooden floor is are you looking to get a laminate wood floor or an engineered wooden floor?

A fabulous wooden floor can really add elegance to a room. Do you think it suits this room                            eng1

Laminate                                                                             Engineered

Of course price is going to be one of the major concerns when making this important decision. However it is worth noting that while engineered wood floors are in many ways superior the quality of laminate flooring has improved massively over the last few years, so much so that in many cases it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the two.

In our showroom out in the Northpoint Industrial Estate, just off the Mallow Road in Cork we have every option of floor you can imagine. You will be pleasantly surprised at the huge range of exclusive wooden flooring to choose from. We carry all the top brands and we have in house experts to help you decide which wooden floor will best suit your home interior.

Are you looking to buy a new wooden floor                                                    f1                                                              s2







Herringbone Installations for Laminate , Hardwood and Engineered Wooden Floors

Herringbone is a style many people go for to help add some extra character to their wooden floor installation. The pattern consists of a criss-crossed layout. It be very effective in certain interiors and tends to give a more traditional feel to a room after it has been installed. For great wood floors that are perfect for a herringbone design then call out to us in Wood Flooring Ireland.


Although it can take longer to install the final result is almost always worth the wait. Herringbone wood flooring layouts can be done for laminate, engineered and hardwood floors.

14102576_1790655674547051_8627506934944561425_n  14141702_1790655657880386_2566021569885462775_n

Here in Wood Flooring Ireland ( Ireland’s only wood floor superstore ) located in Norhtpoint Business Park Blackpool we can provide you with an expert fitter that will install your floor exactly the way you want it. We have the largest selection of wood floors in Ireland.


Our experienced fitting teams will provide you with a competitive quote but more to the point, a quality finish whether it is for laminate , engineered or hardwood flooring.


If herring bone is a style that you are seriously considering then call into us here in Wood Flooring Ireland for advice on what would be the best floor to suit your home, whether it be a laminate, engineered or hardwood floor, we have them all.










Maintaining your Laminate , Engineered , Hardwood Floor

Wood floors are easy to maintain, but often neglected. 2You need to know what to do to keep your floors looking clean and new for the lifetime of your home whether they be laminate engineered or hardwood floors.

A new floor doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance but you should check your floors periodically, especially in well-worn traffic areas such as the kitchen, dining and living areas.

–Dirt and sand can scratch. Prevent those scratches by placing a mat or area rugs at all entrance ways.

–Use a broom with fine bristles to pick up dust and dirt. Never use ammonia to clean floors.

6–Vacuum regularly. Use the special bare floor attachment that comes with the vacuum. –Dust or damp mop your floors. Use a neutral PH wood cleaner.

–While wood flooring are varnished and stained, you should mop up any water or chemical liquids that are spilled on the floor immediately. They can damage the finish and warp a hardwood floor.

Harsh, abrasive cleaners or oil based soaps should be avoided as they can scratch and stain your floor.

All furniture can scratch so add felt pads to the legs of all furniture.9

–The areas near your living room picture window can get discolored by the UV rays of the sun. To prevent this, close your curtains and blinds. Add some sheer drapes.

–High heeled shoes can gouge and scratch. Keep your shoes in good repair, or better still change them into slippers on entering your home.

–Your pets can scratch your floor. Keep their nails trimmed.7 Clean their paws as they come in from outdoors. Groom and wash to rid them of pests.

If your floors lose their shine, you may need to take some drastic measures to bring them back to life. Unless you are experienced in flooring, do-it-yourself is generally not a good idea. It takes a professional eye to determine if your finish is worn down but the wood is intact. You may not see the gouges, stains, cracks and warping that may require replacement and repair before any polyurethane, floor polish or wax can be applied. Before you do any finishing, you should consider the kind of finish you have on your floor.

8Nearly all floors installed today have surface finishes, mostly polyurethane. It looks like a layer of clear plastic. All surface finishes are meant to protect your floor from the scratches of daily traffic.

You can find out if your finish is worn down by adding one to two tablespoons of water to a low to medium traffic area. If the water soaks in and leaves a dark spot, your floor needs a new coat. Waxing is one of the easiest ways to use to finish your floors, but you may have to remove an old coat before applying a new coat.

If you do have a waxed floor, you can remove stains and burns that are not too deep by rubbing the spot with a No. 2 steel wood moistened with soap and water. Rewax the spot after you’re finished.

Proper care increases the value of your home and makes it more livable. Call into us in Wood Flooring Ireland in Cork for advice on how to maintain a laminate engineered or hardwood wooden floor.

Exclusive Wooden Floors

Here in Wood Flooring Ireland we carry Ireland’s largest shopselection of wood flooring products. We want to ensure that the customer gets the floor they want without having to compromise on quality or style of floor. The fact that we carry such a wide range allows us to price competitively across the entire market. We only choose the finest quality floors here in Wood Flooring Ireland and our reputation speaks for itself with thousands of satisfied customers throughout Cork, Munster and Ireland. We are Ireland’s largest stockist of laminate hardwood and engineered wooden floors. Many of our products are exclusive to us only in Ireland.

One of our most popular floors right now would be oak floors that are characterised by a rustic finish. Some of the styles have extra long and wide planks are perfect for large spacious areas.


Light coloured laminate floors and go really well with lighter colour home interiors. We carry many of the world’s strongest and most durable laminate flooring and some of the most beautiful, with a wide choice of colours and textures available.


Many of our grey wooden floors on the market are very popular in the Cork and Munster region. They are a more distinctive wood floor as you can see from the picture here. Floors that are extremely durable are perfect for everyday living. Call in to us in Northpoint Business Park, Blackpool to see our full range of laminate, hardwood and engineered floors.



Wood Flooring Ireland


Here at Wood Flooring Ireland we are committed to bringing you only the finest quality laminate, hardwood and engineered wood flooring. We are located in Northpoint Business Park which is easily accessed off of the Mallow Road. We are Ireland’s largest retailer of wood flooring with Ireland’s largest showroom (10,000 sq ft).
We buy direct from source. This delivers the best value to you – our customers, by knocking out the middle man.

Check out how our showroom has evolved over the last two years. We like to keep the shopping experience fresh for our customers so that they have an enjoyable time while shopping for a laminate or engineered wooden floor.

11831678_1632711717008115_7373840719624206526_n 1609990_1718199321792687_7828078940641696295_n

14440658_1808044212808197_7696407842389616859_n 20170104_165327

We offer a delivery service if our customers require it. For larger orders we often use transport companies who will deliver your floor on a pallet and this method of delivery means it will be brought as close as possible to your entrance.


At Wood Flooring Ireland we are happy to arrange the fitting fitting of your floor in any home or business premises. Our experienced fitting teams will provide you with a competitive quote but more to the point, a quality finish. Many of our products are suitable for DIY installation and if you feel up to fitting the floor yourself we will provide as much advice as possible.


We look forward to seeing you sometime this year.