Laminate F.A.Qs: You’re Questions Answered

  1. What does AC Wear Rating mean?

In laminate flooring the AC Wear Rating is a measure of how well the floor will perform with daily wear and tear. This is an International Grading ranging from AC1-AC5.  All the laminates we stock in Wood Flooring Ireland are at the AC3-5 level.

In our showroom we stock over 100 laminates.

14MM Laminate- Sunset

  1. What is the difference between the Wear Ratings?

The difference between the AC Ratings is how long it will take before your floor shows signs of wear. A 25 year wear warranty is with most AC4s and a 30 year wear warranty with most AC5s, however the chances are you will have changed the interior floor ever before your wear warranty runs out!

At Wood Flooring Ireland, our dedicated team of Wood Sales Specialists are here to help you make the right decision for you and your home.

quickstep warranty

  1. Are laminate floors suitable for Under Floor Heating?

Yes, all laminates are suitable for Under Floor Heating. However, the underlay suitable for Under Floor Heating must be used.

Call into us and one of our Wood Sales Specialists can advise you on the correct underlay for Under Floor Heating.

Hazelnut Oak
9MM Laminate- Hazelnut Oak

  1. Are laminates suitable for kitchens?

This is a tricky one! Laminate floors get fitted in kitchens every day of the week, however it is not without risk and we like to be honest with our customers. Wood and Water do not mix! We have a range which is 72hr water resistant, with more new colours on the way! At Wood Flooring Ireland we have searched for a solution to the wood/water debate.  The solution: A fabulous Vinyl product from Berry Alloc (Belgium) which is 100% Waterproof!

Call in to our showroom and we can go through our range of Berry Alloc Waterproof Planks.

Berry Alloc Vinyl- Toulon Oak
  1. Do I have to buy an underlay?

100% Yes!! An underlay is a necessity, it evenly distributes across your sub floor allowing your laminate floor to float. At Wood Flooring Ireland we believe that the quality of your underlay is as important as your floor- we would even go so far in saying that the underlay is the un-sung hero in any successful floor job. The advantages of having a good quality underlay are so valuable- better acoustic performance (both in room & transmitted sound), moisture & mould resistance, sustainability and overall better floor performance. If the underlay fails the floor fails!!!!

We have a wide range of Underlays in stock at Wood Flooring Ireland.

wood fibre
Wood Fibre Underlay