12 Interior Design Trends: Top Looks for 2022 

Interior design trends are always changing. Industrial aesthetics continue to prove popular, while more people than ever are looking to decades past for design inspiration. No matter whether you’re looking to revise a classic trend or explore something altogether new, you’ll want to think about flooring.  
At Wood Flooring Ireland, we offer a huge variety of engineered wood flooring designs to accommodate every space. From contemporary long planks for modern interiors to timeless parquet designs, there’s something for everyone. All of our products are produced from European Oak from sustainable sources. Furthermore, all of our finishes are eco-friendly and free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  
Planning on overhauling your interiors, but need some inspiration? Read on for 12 interior design trends making a mark in 2022.  

1. Make a Statement with Monochrome 

Adopting a monochrome palette is a great way of future-proofing your interiors. Keep your walls white and accents black for best results. White wood flooring can complement the look beautifully. A monochrome approach is a great idea for open-plan spaces, although even smaller rooms can benefit from this interior design trend. If your interiors are looking a little sparse, you can also add pops of colour with decorative pieces and soft furnishings.  

2. The Beauty of Biophilic Design 

Biophilic design is all about embracing natural elements and organic character. This can be as simple as investing in oak wood flooring or populating a space with plants. Biophilic design is not only timeless but also helps promote a sense of wellbeing. It’s also an incredibly versatile trend. You can use it to create a sense of ambience in a bedroom or help clear the mind in a home office. 

3. Engineered Wood Flooring 

If you’re prepared to invest a little more in a design project, engineered wood flooring is worth considering. If your existing hardwood floors need replacing, engineered wood is the only way to go. Some of the key advantages of engineered wood flooring is that it’s easy to install, extremely durable, work well in all types of rooms, work well in domestic or commercial setting and have a great variety or styles/colours.  

Styles can vary from a simple long plank wooden floor to a contemporary style such as chevron or herringbone. Some people also love a very elegant style in livings rooms or bedrooms and opt for Versailles panels which is used in palaces in France.  

4. Embrace Outdoor Living 

Many of us struggle with limited square footage. If building an extension isn’t possible, think about creating an outdoor living space instead. This goes beyond creating an al fresco dining area. The best outdoor living areas blur the line between inside and outside. Consider installing an outdoor kitchen or spending a little more on garden seating. A quality awning with integrating lighting is also something to consider.  

5. Reclaimed and Upcycled Pieces

More of us than ever are trying to live sustainably. If you’re eager to be greener and want to slash the cost of a home makeover, embrace the upcycling trend. Rather than throw out an old cabinet or damaged chair, take a step back and think about how you can repurpose it. In many cases, a lick of paint and basic ornament is all that’s needed to breathe life into a tired piece.  

6. Industrial Interiors 

The industrial design trend falls in and out of favour. However, it’s now seeing something of a resurgence. Industrial style is all about simplicity. It’s a great fit for larger, more open-plan spaces. If you’re struggling to decide on a design for a sprawling kitchen diner, industrial design is a good way to go. Unsure of how to achieve an industrial aesthetic? Think stripped-back details and exposed brickwork. Most importantly, ensure functionality is at the forefront of every design aspect.  

7. Bold Colour Palettes 

There’s always room for bold colours. If you’re a fan of fiery reds or neon yellows, don’t be afraid to introduce them into your home. If you’re worried about overwhelming a space, dial things back with a single statement wall. You can continue the theme with solid-colour statement pieces and eye-popping decorations throughout.  

8. Mid-Century Design 

Mid-century modern will always hold a special place in the hearts of interior design connoisseurs. Broadly speaking, this design trend encompasses anything from the 1950s and 1960s. Many pieces from this era are defined by curved edges and hardwoods like teak. 

In terms of colour palettes, you’re looking at masculine browns, burnt oranges, and rich teals. Some might think this trend is dated, but there’s a minimalist charm to mid-century modern. 

If you’re looking for furniture to coordinate with contemporary interiors, this is one trend you’re going to want to explore. 

9. Make Room for Minimalism 

If you’re eager to declutter your life, a minimalist interior might be the way to go. This trend is best suited to lofty interiors with extensive square footage. However, you can still execute it in smaller spaces with the innovative use of concealed storage. Keep decor simple and opt for stripped-back details. Neutral walls and long plank wood flooring will give you a solid foundation on which to build. 

10. Vintage and Retro 

This interior design trend has been gaining traction in recent years. Unlike mid-century modern, the vintage movement is all about the kitsch of the 1970s. Think herringbone flooring, textured upholstery, and plenty of geometric prints. Patterned wallpaper is another hallmark, although it’s easy to overdo it.  

11. Statement Lighting 

The right lighting can transform an interior. One of the biggest design trends of 2022 is statement lighting. This trend can include unique lamps and floor lights scattered throughout your room. However, you can also be far more targeted with statement lighting. 

Looking to add to a dining space? A low-hanging pendant light can be incredibly effective. If your budget is tight, you don’t necessarily have to invest in new fixtures. Something as simple as an oversized lampshade can be enough to breathe new life into a room.  

12. Pastels Are Back 

A pastel palette doesn’t have to be boring. Rather than solid walls of lacklustre lilac, reach for geometric wallpaper in smoky shades. Pastels are a good in-between for those who find neutral walls uninspiring but aren’t ready to embrace more eclectic colours.  

Planning an Interior Design Overhaul? 

No matter what design trend you’re thinking about, the best interior design projects start with a premium floor. At Wood Flooring Ireland, we offer a huge range of engineered wood flooring styles to suit every interior. 

Visit our showroom in Cork to see the different types of wood flooring we offer? Alternatively, drop us a message via the online form or call the team on 021 4629913. 

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