Herringbone vs. Chevron: How Are The Patterns Different? 

Herringbone and chevron flooring have long been popular with fans of parquet patterns. They’re a timeless design choice, with geometric motifs that bring instant character to any interior. 

They’re also incredibly versatile, looking right at home in contemporary spaces and more traditional settings alike. Although these two patterns are often confused with each other, they’re distinctly different and enjoy unique origin stories.  
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The Origin of the Chevron Pattern 

The timeless chevron pattern is instantly recognisable thanks to its telltale V-shaped pattern. This distinct pattern can trace its roots back to the Bronze Age. 

It’s synonymous with Ancient Greek pottery and its unique motif can also be found in centuries-old textiles. However, it only became popular as a parquet flooring pattern during the 1600s.  

The Benefits of Chevron Flooring 

Chevron flooring was once a luxury reserved for the wealthy elite. In recent decades, this premium parquet style has become readily affordable and is now a realistic option for everyday interiors. 

The V-shaped motif makes it a dazzling addition to any room, but this eye-catching pattern can also help create the illusion of space. 

It’s particularly effective in long corridors and hallways and makes an elegant alternative to long plank wood flooring.  

Herringbone: A Brief History 

The herringbone pattern takes its name from the skeletal structure of the herring fish. Like chevron, herringbone is a V-shaped pattern, although its arrangement is slightly different. The herringbone pattern was popularised by the Ancient Romans. 

Centuries ago, the pattern was used to create some of the first roads. It wasn’t just the Romans who employed herringbone. 

Many other ancient civilisations were fans of the motif and it’s been found on archaeological finds everywhere from Mesoamerica to Iron Age Ireland.  

The Benefits of Herringbone Flooring 

Herringbone flooring is incredibly popular. In the right spaces, it can make a room feel bigger. It’s also incredibly stylish and rivals the aesthetics of more luxurious patterns like Versailles panels. 

Because of the arrangement of the individual panels, herringbone flooring is also very hard-wearing. If you’re looking for a stunning flooring pattern that will look its best for years to come, there’s no better choice.  

Chevron and Herringbone: The Key Differences 

To the untrained eye, chevron and herringbone can look almost identical. However, these parquet designs are easy to distinguish from one another. Herringbone flooring panels are rectangular, with 90-degree edges that are then arranged to create a signature fishbone pattern. By contrast, chevron panels feature a 45-degree edge. This allows chevron panels to be laid next to each other, creating a striking arrow-shaped motif.

Both parquet styles will make welcome additions to your interiors. However, if you’re looking for the perfect fit for a contemporary space, chevron might be the better option. It packs an instant punch with its geometric aesthetics and creates unbeatable visual interest.  
Herringbone tends to work best in more traditional interests, particularly if you opt for a darker wood. It exudes luxury and sophistication, making it a fine choice for elegant living spaces and master bedrooms.  

Which Style Should You Go For? 

These classic parquet patterns can work well in any space. Ultimately, which one you choose is a case of personal taste and preference. Struggling to make a decision? There are a few things to bear in mind to help make your life easier.  

How Big is Your Room? 

If you’re looking to renovate a smaller space, a chevron pattern might be the better option. Why? Generally speaking, herringbone planks tend to be smaller, resulting in a tighter pattern. This configuration is certainly eye-catching, but it can make a small space feel constricted. By contrast, the pointed motif of chevron flooring creates flow and grants the illusion of space.  
However, you can mix things up if you’re dealing with an open-plan interior. By introducing borders to your flooring, you can use both patterns to great effect. Use chevron for open areas that experience a lot of foot traffic, then introduce herringbone sections in dining or seating areas.  

What’s Your Budget? 

At Wood Flooring Ireland our herringbone and chevron flooring are comparably priced. However, chevron flooring tends to be slightly more affordable than herringbone. If you’re looking to resurface an entire property on a budget, chevron might be the better option. 

However, you can still add a touch of luxury to smaller rooms by spending a slight premium on herringbone flooring. If you’re using chevron throughout, think about using herringbone in a master bedroom suite or a small living room.  

Ease of Installation 

One of the advantages of engineered wood flooring is that it’s easy to install and requires very little acclimatisation. In most cases, your engineered wood flooring is ready to be installed in as little as 48 hours. All of our flooring is easy to fit and suitable for floating installations. However, chevron flooring tends to be marginally quicker to lay and install. If you’re tight on time, a chevron pattern might be the best choice for you.  

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Parquet flooring has never been more affordable. If you’re looking to transform your interiors, chevron and herringbone patterns are the way to go. At Wood Flooring Ireland, we offer a stunning selection of parquet flooring styles. 

What are the different types of wood flooring in our range? In addition to herringbone and chevron, you’ll find elegant options like Versailles panels, as well as more contemporary long planks.  
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