Why Engineered Wood Flooring is the Best Choice for Offices 

When choosing flooring for an office, you need to think beyond simple aesthetics. While it’s important to make a strong first impression with clients, you’ll need to consider durability and maintenance. Wood flooring is often considered a hard-wearing option. While it’s true that hardwood flooring can last for years if properly maintained, it’s not the most practical option for busy office environments.  
Engineered wood flooring is an ideal alternative. Offering the perfect balance of affordability and durability, engineered wood scores top marks for durability. A robust plywood core makes it hard-wearing, while premium veneer layers mean you don’t have to sacrifice authentic wood character.  
At Wood Flooring Ireland, we offer an extensive range of engineered wood flooring products. We produce tailor-made solutions for corporate clients across Ireland. All of our products are made from the finest European Oak, with all materials harvested from sustainable sources. Furthermore, we only use eco-friendly finishes, ensuring your flooring ticks every box when it comes to green credentials.  

Installation is Quick and Easy 

If you’re looking for hassle-free installation, engineered flooring is the obvious choice. No matter whether you’re opting for long plank wood flooring or a more elaborate style, engineered wood can be fitted far more quickly than conventional flooring.  
The main reason for this is that engineered wood flooring is almost always prefinished. This means you won’t have to worry about additional sanding once boards and panels are fitted. Furthermore, there’s usually no need to apply an additional finish. Engineered wood flooring is also incredibly uniform. You won’t have to undertake excessive preparation to ensure planks and panels fit your interiors as planned.  
Engineered flooring is also suitable for floating installation, provided you have an underlay already fitted. This means you won’t have to use aggressive adhesives or carpentry nails. This not only speeds up installation time but ensures a more seamless and attractive finish.  
Engineered wood is incredibly robust, meaning it’s unlikely you’ll have to replace it for many years after it’s installed. However, if for some reason one board or panel becomes damaged, carrying out a partial replacement is easy.  

Engineered Wood Flooring is Sustainable 

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. For many businesses, choosing eco-friendly materials is the only way to go. If you’re eager to minimise your carbon footprint and embrace sustainability, engineered flooring is a far greener option than other types of flooring.  
A major benefit of engineered flooring is that it requires far less new wood to produce a single panel or plank. The unseen inner layers of engineered wood are usually made from robust plywood, which is almost always made from recycled material. Newly harvested wood is only used to create the veneer layer.  

It’s Durable and Easy to Clean 

One of the major advantages of engineered wood flooring is its durability. In fact, engineered wood can be even more durable than hardwood flooring. It’s one of the most versatile flooring materials around.  
Thanks to its design and construction, engineered wood doesn’t warp when exposed to extreme temperatures. Furthermore, it can cope with occasional exposure to moisture, without the worry of discolouration or warping of the veneer layer. For homeowners, this makes it a practical choice for just about every room. For business premises, engineered wood flooring is a hardy option. It can keep up with the demands of a busy office environment, including significant foot traffic.  

Cleaning Engineered Wood Floors 

Wondering how to clean engineered wood floors? Unlike hardwood, maintaining engineered wood flooring isn’t rocket science. If you’re maintaining a regular cleaning schedule, your engineered wood flooring should look its best for years. Ideally, you should be using a vacuum cleaner to collect dust and surface debris. Avoid using hard bristle brushes to minimise the chance of scuffs and scratches.  
Because of its hard-wearing credentials, you can use moisture to clean more stubborn stains. Although it’s wise to avoid things like steam cleaners, a wrung-out mop should prove more than sufficient for getting rid of accumulated grime and surface stains. If you’re looking for a spotless finish, think about using a floor cleaning formula. Just make sure the product you’re using is suitable for use on wood veneers.  

It Improves Indoor Quality and Wellbeing 

There’s a reason why oak planks and chevron flooring are popular options for offices. Natural materials like wood make it easy to bring the outside in. Biophilic design isn’t just a passing trend. It’s been shown to boost productivity and promote a sense of well-being in employees. If you’re looking to make your office a more inviting and hospitable environment for your employees, wood flooring and natural materials are easy choices.  
Although wood is a natural material, it’s not always the healthiest choice for indoor spaces. To protect exposed oak and other hardwoods, harmful chemicals and treatments are often used. These volatile organic compounds can significantly diminish indoor air quality. This can cause problems for employees suffering from asthma or allergies.  
Engineered wood is a handy alternative. You reap all the benefits of organic aesthetics, without having to worry about leaning on harmful chemicals to treat solid hardwood. Furthermore, as engineered wood is low maintenance, you can keep on top of dust with little effort. This further improves air quality and ensures your workspace is as healthy as possible.  

There’s a Huge Range of styles to Choose From 

Don’t assume that your style options are limited when it comes to engineered wood. Looking for long planks and white wood flooring for contemporary office interiors? You’ll find plenty of choices to suit your space. Prefer something darker? You can stick with the minimalist trend and go for grey wood flooring, or opt for something darker with walnut or teak veneers.  
In addition to an impressive range of colour options, you’re not short on flooring styles. Looking to add some character to an open-plan office? Patterned arrangements like herringbone and chevron are incredibly effective and work in traditional and modern spaces alike. If you’re after something more refined, Versailles panels are perfect for a more elegant finish.  

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