An Expert Guide for Dark Wood Flooring

Don’t be afraid to embrace dark wood flooring. This dramatic flooring choice can transform residential and commercial properties alike. Darker hues bring an instant air of sophistication, while the richer colours let the stunning wood grains shine through.

Don’t believe the design horror stories you’ve been told about dark wood flooring. While it can be a little trickier to coordinate with, the right approach to wall colours and contrasting can make it an effective choice.

At Wood Flooring Ireland, we offer an incredible range of dark wood flooring options. Our engineered wood flooring collection brings together all the benefits of traditional hardwood flooring, with the added benefit of extended longevity.

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, we’re confident you’ll find something that fits your space perfectly.

Looking to learn more about dark wood flooring? Need some design inspiration to put to good use in your home? Read on for everything you need to know.

The Benefits of Dark Wood Flooring

There are many advantages of engineered wood flooring. As with traditional hardwood flooring, engineered floors are incredibly durable. The right style can open a space, making it an effective choice for awkward interiors.

What’s more, dark wood flooring is timeless. It looks right at home in contemporary spaces but coordinates well with more classic interiors. Wooden flooring is also easy to clean and maintain, while it won’t collect allergens like carpets.

If you’re thinking about wooden flooring, dark wood is often the best option. However, you’ll need to have a firm grasp on interior design to utilise this eye-catching flooring material effectively. Pick a shade that’s too dark, and it can overwhelm a room.

Worried dark flooring isn’t a good fit for a smaller space? Think again. With a little creative thinking, dark wood can transform rooms with more limited square footage.

Dark Wood Flooring is a Durable Choice

If you’re looking for something with long-term value, dark wood is the way to go. Unlike other materials, dark wood won’t fade over time. High-quality engineered wood flooring is designed to withstand the effects of UV rays. This ensures you can use rich dark wood hues and gorgeous grain detail for decades.

It’s an Elegant Design Choice

Wooden flooring is a go-to choice for people looking to bring natural accents and aesthetics to their interiors. Long plank wood flooring in a darker shade will instantly transform your interiors. Darker woods are effortlessly elegant and can give off an air of sophistication.

Many people tend to prefer light wood flooring as they think it’s more versatile. While a lighter hue may give you more flexible design options, it doesn’t showcase the material at its best. If you’re looking for refined grain texture and plenty of detail, dark wood will always deliver.

With the right choice of furniture and room accents, dark wood floors also allow you to play around with dynamic contrasts. You can keep things simple with dark wood and monochrome furniture, or liven things up with lighter materials and more subtle colour choices.

What are the Drawbacks of Dark Wood Floors?

Although a luxurious choice, dark wood flooring isn’t without drawbacks. If you’re not taking steps to protect your floor, scratches and scuffs can become a problem. Dark woods aren’t more susceptible to wear and tear than lighter words, but the damage tends to be more visible. This is even more of an issue if a darker veneer is bonded to a lighter material underneath.

Thankfully, this is easy enough to prevent. Adding protector pads to furniture and introducing rugs into your interiors will go a long way in keeping scratches and surface damage to a minimum.

If you’re thinking about dark wood flooring, you’ll also need to up your cleaning game. Even a trace amount of dust may become visible on a dark wood floor. If you’re sharing your home with cats and dogs, pet hair can also become a problem.

Again, keeping on top of this issue is fairly straightforward. Stick to dry cleaning with a vacuum or brush whenever possible to limit the amount of moisture your floors are being exposed to.

Dark Wood Flooring Tips

Getting dark wood flooring right can be tough at times. Many people add more darkness to the room through wall colours, furnishings, paintings etc. See below some expert tips to help you decorate your home the perfect way when using dark floors.

Decorating with Dark Wood Floors

A dark wood floor can look imposing, especially if you’re installing it in a relatively small space. Many people make the mistake of sticking to a darker palette, thinking complementary colours will bring a room together. However, the best design approach is to embrace contrast.

Ideally, you should be thinking about lighter wall colours and neutrals to offset the overwhelming character of your dark wood floors. A neutral wall palette will create the illusion of space. What’s more, it won’t distract from the beauty of your dark wood floors. Why bother investing in stylish chevron flooring or Versailles panels if you’re going to drown them out with dark walls?

You don’t have to limit yourself to magnolia. Instead, play around with a varied palette made of complementary colours. Off-white neutrals work particularly well. For a shot of warmth, go for colours with blush pink undertones. For a cooler, more contemporary interior, go for neutrals with grey and blue undertones. If you prefer more dramatic colours, experiment with pastels.

Furnishing Your Space

When furnishing a room, balance is everything. If you’re starting with a dark wood floor, you’ll need to be careful about introducing too many dark colours to your interiors. Lighter furniture is always a good bet as it prevents a room from feeling overwhelmed. Furthermore, it’s an easy way to introduce contrast.

However, you don’t have to stick to white or pastel-coloured furniture. Armchairs with oak frames are fine, although you’ll want to ensure that the upholstery is in a lighter shade. If you’re still struggling with balance, offset darker furniture and room accents with light-coloured cushions, throws and fabrics.

Break Things Up with a Light Rug

In larger rooms, dark wood flooring may seem overbearing. This is even more of a problem if your room is lacking in windows and natural light. However, you can easily break things up with a rug.

Choose a lighter shade to offset the dark colour of your flooring. It’s worth spending a little more on a deep pile rug. Not only will a neutral rug balance out the darkness of your flooring, but it will also add essential warmth and texture to your interiors.

Furthermore, a high-quality rug will grant your flooring an extra level of protection.

Talk to Us About Dark Wood Flooring

Planning on giving your interiors a makeover? Dark wood flooring is one of the easiest ways to overhaul a space. Our engineered wood flooring range is packed with plenty of premium options.

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